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Or, what Lisa from PA/Isaspacey said. She's got it all right, so allow me to second it.

Apartment Therapy - October is Fall Colors Month!
10/22/07 08:40 PM

Constructive criticism is one thing, i.e. "this is wonderful, but if you just added some bold pillows, it would really make the painting pop" have a suggestion and a reason for the suggestion. How about just banning the nasty, negative ritual abusers after repeated unconstructive comments?

I just joined TONIGHT, have been on here for 45 minutes, and I can already name at least 3 users who just need to go. Why would anyone want to post anything with these rampaging jerks on the loose? I do like the profile feature in which you can see all of a particular person's comments, so at the very least, the thicker-skinned among us will know not to take it too personally. Still, the artistic can be a sensitive bunch, and it would be heartening to limit this experience to a welcoming, warm community. Ban the @#$holes!!!!!

Apartment Therapy - October is Fall Colors Month!
10/22/07 08:36 PM

After a more thorough reading, I'm appalled by so many of the comments here. If you have nothing but an opinion that is not backed by any knowledge of art or design and only by the need to stroke your own ego, you should not be commenting here. The definition of taste, according to Webster, is "individual preference". It is personal, and cannot be judged. Don't discourage talented, employable decorators and designers because of your own insecurities. Let's see where you live...are you game? I'd bet not.

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." -Albert Einstein

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/22/07 08:09 PM

This is well done. You have talent, as well as knowing what to do with color and scale. Rather than bashing a room because its style doesn't fit their personal taste, I wish more people would learn to see the technical elements at work in each photo. I would guess that most would go for something a bit more neutral and "safe"...something that would not produce any kind of strong reaction whatsoever. The bold among us, however, love this. It takes a high level of ability to successfully pull off any kind of retro/period room, and this space shines. Reminds me of something the wonderful Lee Snijders would do. Great composition!

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/22/07 07:52 PM