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We just dealt with this problem a few weeks ago in our condo, which was rehabbed about 10 years ago-- a handful of cracked tiles and some stained/crumbling grout. Luckily, we found a stash of matching tiles in the basement. Since it's a relatively small kitchen, we scraped out all of the old grout with a grout saw, broke out and replaced the cracked tiles, and then filled in the grout with pre-mixed grout we bought at Home Depot. We also had to seal the grout with a thin, clear sealer and tried not to walk in the kitchen for a day or two.

This was a relatively painless weekend project, and it looks like we have a brand-new floor. I'm so glad we did it and since we had the tiles on hand, the cost of materials was probably under $30.

Suggestions For Repairing Cracked Ceramic Floor?
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2/23/11 09:48 AM

Reading this post, I realized how much I barely need a diaper bag anymore for our 19-month-old. It's basically my purse now, with a couple diapers, a ziplock bag of wipes, and a small bag of cheerios for the babe. We're expecting #2 in a few weeks, and I'm thinking about the same stash for him, with a burp cloth and change of clothes (we're also car-free). I prefer to feed the kid just before we leave to stave off the need for lugging real food around (and avoiding meltdowns). Good luck!

Getting Out the Door With Two Kids
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2/17/11 03:48 PM

I tend to cringe at labels, and the word itself seems a little silly, but this basically describes my family's eating habits: meat maybe once or twice a month. I think that alot of folks are looking to cut down their meat consumption for health/environmental reasons, but don't want to commit to being a 100% vegetarian. So yeah, I'm glad the term is out there to at least encourage folks to gradually do more veggies without feeling like they have to adopt a completely different lifestyle.

Flexitarians: Newest Diet Fad or Sensible Lifestyle?
2/4/11 03:12 PM

It looks gorgeous, but I would worry about the kid getting doored up in front. After riding daily in Chicago for 10 years, getting doored is my only real fear (which is why I've got the kid in the Burley).

The Taga Bike/Stroller - Now Available in the U.S. | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/15/10 06:16 PM

Glad I'm not the only one who saw the stabilizer for a baby play mat. You unfold the "wings" and they create a footprint that holds an arch over the mat. Maybe we should post this over on Ohdeedoh to get some expert opinions. Not sure what it's doing with kitchen supplies, though.

What Is This Mystery Tupperware Gadget? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/31/10 09:35 PM

I must say I've never had good luck with any silicone baking products. I once spilled half my cake batter because the silicone pan was too floppy. Also had trouble getting cakes and cupcakes out of the pan, even when greased. We got a set of various silicone pans for our wedding and ended up tossing the lot.

FAIL! Silicone Baking Liners | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/6/10 03:49 PM

We bought one of these for my daughter in September. I was thrilled with the design, but that seat lock started cracking almost immediately (though at this point it's probably held together by dried-on rice cereal). Since our family doesn't have a car, I wonder if IKEA will reimburse us for an i-go to get out to Schaumburg. Rats.

News: Ikea Recalls the Leopard High Chair | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/5/10 10:33 AM