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My two old cats. And the comfort of my own kitchen that's stocked with the tea I like and my favorite mugs.

So Good To See You Again: The Things You Miss Most
10/21/10 11:35 AM

Sorry, meant to say, I live in "Brooklyn" not "brownstone." I'm getting ahead of myself.

10 Cities Where Renting Is Better Than Buying Mint Life | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/23/10 05:28 PM

If only my parents read English, I could forward this along to them. Then they could FINALLY stop asking when I'm going to buy a house. P.S. I live in brownstone and will always want a brownstone even though I'll never be able to afford one. :( But I can always rent to live in one! :)

10 Cities Where Renting Is Better Than Buying Mint Life | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/23/10 05:27 PM

Uh, yeah, like every time I go back to my parents' home for a visit. It's kind of embarrassing how easily I'll get sucked back into the memorabilia from my youth..year books, old letters, pictures, diaries! OMG! I have boxes full of diaries. It's great to read them for their comedic content. Truly ridiculous how MAJOR and IMPORTANT and INTENSE every little thing was when you're growing up.

My favorite is reading the postcards/letters/printed-out emails my now-husband wrote to me when we were dating.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Do You Still Use Your Parents' Home for Storage?
4/11/09 12:40 PM

Funny thing, I grew up eating Southeast Asian cuisine and didn't even know it. My family's ethnic Chinese from Cambodia, so I assumed we were eating Chinese food the whole time. It wasn't until I kept seeing the same foods appear on the menus at Vietnamese restaurants that I put two and two together. Makes perfect sense now that I think about it. My family fled Cambodia and spent a good few years in a refugee camp in Vietnam and I guess the food stuck with them. So fish sauce on everything. Rice vermicelli, rice paper wraps, ban xieo (a kind of Vietnamese crepe), pigs feet stew with star anise, pho (a noodle soup) with tasty tripe..sounds exotic to most, but that was normal for me and I still love that stuff.

Like a lot of Asian women, I'm married to a white dude, Jewish to be specific. We both enjoy cooking and will hit up epicurious for recipes. But we mainly like cooking simple with fresh ingredients, all sorts of cuisines, from American to Chinese to pad thai from a box.

I like this topic about personal comfort foods/cuisines because it wasn't something I thought about til recently when I realized what was comfort for me wasn't necessarily the same for others. Ummm tripe!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Kind of Cuisine Did You Grow Up With?
3/31/09 09:41 PM

there's 1 inch gap between the stove and the rest of the counter top in my kitchen. one day i went to fry up an egg. the pan was on the stove heating up. i took an egg out of the carton to crack on the counter. the shell opens and its contents immediately get sucked into said gap. there's no room to maneuver the stove out to get to the egg. it's gone forever. I go to crack another egg and the same thing happens!! two full eggs, now l trapped to dry and rot where I can't clean it out. i'm constantly reminded of it when our cat goes over and tries to stick his nose in the gap at the floor level to get to the dried egg. cat's been a lot more successful than I've been.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled? Melbourne
2/19/09 04:34 PM

i once made a little diorama of the scene at our first kiss. complete with beach background, sun setting and cut outs of us.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: Hearts In The Bedroom Plus Valentine's Day Treat Ideas
1/29/09 08:11 PM

We had the same problem. Our solution was to put up curtain sheers. And we tied up a little corner up so the cats could get past to the sill. Works to let the light in and the cats on the window.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Question Revisted: Claire's Window Solution
1/5/09 06:21 PM

Cover chairs in least the seat-parts and back-parts. Cover the table top with contact paper (Target has them cheap and they come in cool designs, including cork, wood print and if you're really daring, suede.) Otherwise, there's always spray paint for plastics...super easy, super quick. My hubbie made over our bland white spice rack by spray painting it fire engine red and it looks totally cool now.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Make the Most of IKEA's Dining Set?
10/28/08 11:39 AM

I second the Sweat Scoop. We too have go through SOOO many different types of litter. We like Swheat Scoop the best because it controls odor better, seems more natural than others (b/c it's made of wheat) and the BEST PART is that it's flushable...yay! We keep our box in the bathroom. So it's super easy to scoop and flush. Oh, and it doesn't track as much as any of the other litters because the particles don't seem to get stuck between their toes.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How to: Make Your Cat's Litter Box Less Smelly
7/28/08 10:46 AM

for apartment dwellers with little or no outdoor space---Nature Mill indoor automatic composter all the way!

I got one a few months ago. Granted they are a bit pricey. But you only have to buy it once and you'll love it and use it forever. Now my trash is not nearly as heavy when i got to take it to the dumpster. And all that compost I just add to the "yard waste only" dumpster and it gets trucked along with people's yard clippings to the city compost heap.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Composting
5/25/08 08:28 AM

I read this somewhere once. You put a squirt of diswashing liquid in the pan, along with like a half inch of water. Put the pan back on the stove and let it simmer on low. When it gets hot and starts to bubble, take a wooden spoon and gently coax off the remaining food particles. The bubbling action should help lift off most of the food. If the water dries up too quickly, add more water.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Do I Save My Burnt Non-Stick Pot?
3/7/08 10:00 AM

you've got some nice pieces of furniture with lots of character.

Apartment Therapy - #11 - Lyssa's Personalized Colors
10/26/07 08:57 AM

Wow, thanks for all of your great suggestions! And don't worry, that ugly big TV is on it's way out. Because we're renting, we actually can't paint the brick (and I don't think I'd want to anyway). But I really like the suggestion of taking the mortar color, maybe a blue/gray. I think elegant is more our style than pop. And no, unfortunately, that is NOT a working fireplace...though I AM SOOOO tempted to put in one of these .

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Colors Will Brighten Up This Room?
10/24/07 05:54 AM

I like collecting cool glass jars and bottles to reuse as containers for sundries, like popping corn, nuts, sugar, etc. Sometimes the jars will look nice, but still smell like what they orginally contained...pickles, hot sauce, Indian seasonings. Then I read somewhere that you could stuff newspaper in the jars and seal them overnight and the smell will get absorbed by the newspaper. I tried it and it totally worked. Though, depending on how strong the smell is, I've had to leave the newspaper in for longer than a day.

Apartment Therapy - Tips: 26
10/23/07 06:27 AM

Maybe you can take advantage of that intense sun from your southern exposure and get a few house plants. That will bring some foliage into your apt. Another thing I like to do is put seating up near the window/view so that I can take advantage of looking out a much as possible, so I don't feel trapped up in my own tower like Rupunzel.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Thoughts/Tips on Living Up High?
10/22/07 12:19 PM