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Dude, chihuahuas ARE Mexican.

30 Amazing Pet Halloween Costume Ideas Petco Pet Costume Photo Contest
10/30/13 03:15 AM

Please don't bowl in the hallway if you live in an apartment. That means you, couple who lives above me.

Hallway Play: 5 Fab Ideas For Playing in the Smallest Space in the House
10/28/13 04:21 PM

I casually know Deidre from her store, and she's a super nice and down-to-earth person. I'm glad she has a nice house.

Deirdre's Classically Elegant Brooklyn Brownstone House Tour
10/24/13 12:18 AM

Yeah. He's not mine.

How To Work from Home (Even a Small Home) without Going Insane Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
10/21/13 07:23 PM

I need a Martin.

Martin's Forever Interiors Creative Workspace Tour
10/13/13 12:21 AM

Any tips for how to deal with the toddler overhead running and throwing stuff on the floor all day when you're trying to work?

How To Work from Home (Even a Small Home) without Going Insane Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
10/13/13 12:16 AM

I need a Steve.

Charlotte & Steve's Handmade Home House Tour
9/5/13 02:10 AM

m.evans, you may want to review the comments policy about "ad hominem attacks or gratuitous meanness."

Aria & Jason's Austin Oasis House Tour
7/8/13 03:33 AM

I was really hoping her bed was going to be in one of those drawers.

Silvana's Innovative Interior Small Cool Contest
5/24/13 12:41 AM

Only the Italians...

Freedom Room: Prisoners Help Design a Better Small Space Good
4/26/13 06:04 PM

When the water is "scraped" from your hands, does it go flying across the room, or onto your person, or what?

Apartment Therapy at the Unveiling of Dyson's Newest Invention NYC - February 2013
2/11/13 10:54 AM

Nice feature. Stefan's photos are beautiful.

Stefan Hengst: My Daily Poetry Fix Apartment Therapy Videos
1/20/13 09:42 PM

AT really needs a copyeditor. Those first two sentences are like a word salad.

Kimmy & Nathan's Art Driven Loft
House Tour

11/20/12 03:36 AM

Sigur Ros, Andvari
Neil Young, Razor Love

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever
9/16/12 06:04 PM

I was going to remodel my kitchen, but I think I will buy scissors instead.

Small Changes, Serious Impact
6/28/12 02:27 PM

I like the dark walls better when the trim is dark as well. I think white only works when you have a more substantial, architecturally interesting trim to highlight. My two cents.

Jared's Graphic-Organic "Male Model" House Tour
6/18/12 06:49 PM

AT, I know you're just for fun, but sometimes you can't see the reclaimed forest for the sustainably harvested trees.

Evelyn Lee's Sustainable Starter Apartment House Tour
6/1/12 09:31 PM

MRSBERG, where do you find reviews of a building? It's not like there's a central website for every dwelling in the state. I don't think there's anything wrong with casually asking other people who live there, if you have the opportunity. People are always in my building going to open houses, etc, and they sometimes ask questions if you happen to be on the elevator or in the halls with them. No one seems to mind. Maybe this is just real-estate-obsessed NYC.

How Can I Tell if an Apartment Has Adequate Soundproofing Before Moving In?Good Questions
5/29/12 05:26 PM

I also have this problem. While it's impossible to know for sure what the potential noise problems will be, ask it you can return to the apartment a few times, at different times of day, before you move in (I was able to do this when I was buying, may not be so easy when you are renting)... so you get get a better sense the acoustics when people are around, when school is out, etc. Speak to some other building residents and ask about the noise situation. Review your potential lease and see what the policy is about floor coverage. Find out if there are kids in the building and where they live. Unlike you, I hear only the noise above me, so I think top floor is your best bet. Right now I have neighbor number four with a toddler above me, and it is MISERY.

How Can I Tell if an Apartment Has Adequate Soundproofing Before Moving In?Good Questions
5/29/12 01:37 PM

These are great. But I came to see the vintage children.

Vintage Children's Chair Exhibit Partners & Spade
5/24/12 06:33 PM