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They really don't make much of a secret of the fact that you're signing up for marketing when you sign up for the test, so that didn't surprise me, and didn't particularly bother me. Seven of the 23 suggestions (I thought they said 24, but oh, well) included the place where I live now, a city where I lived for many years and loved (Portland), and other Northwest places I know well. Then, after I'd said that long hot summers and humidity were deal-breakers, they suggested towns in Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Mississippi! I said I didn't want long dreary winters, and they offered New Hampshire and Maine. They also suggested Bellingham WA, which is very beautiful, and a very nice community-- but also one of the coldest, windiest places I've ever been. And then Anchorage, which is terribly cold in winter and then humid in summer-- kind of the worst of all possible. My former secretary lived there for 7 years before moving back to the Pacific Northwest --and she smiled continuously for a whole year after leaving Anchorage.
Hey, we do these questionnaire things for fun!

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/9/13 02:07 PM

This woman loves living in a small town because of shopping-related matters? Is that what we love a place for, that you get a great buy on a farm table there? How many of those do we need; and does access to a great farm table make life good?
Only for a few minutes.
Not one word about people: Neighbors who know your animals and will step in if something happens to one while you're away. Neighbors who will alert you if you've left your purse on the roof of your car because you forgot it when you finished unloading the groceries. Neighbors who will be there for you when your husband-- or dog or horse or kitty-- dies. Local merchants who will tell you to pay next time you're in, when you don't have any money with you. The mail lady who looks out for the wobbly elderly gentleman who lives two doors down from you, and will do the same for you when your turn comes.
Add fresh air, real weather, open space and room to breathe, and a slower pace of life.
Issues of home decor and collecting stuff are way behind all of that.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/8/12 02:49 PM

1. Cigarette smoke
2. Vertical blinds
3. Cat box odor
4. Inadequate light, unless it's a seduction
5. That awful etched glass, with bright fake brass
6. "mellow yellow." Please flush when you have company coming.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 02:22 PM

Instead of chopping sun-dried tomatoes, trying cutting them up with scissors -- it's much, much easier. If the blades become sticky, dampen them, or slick with a little olive oil.
The scissors are also useful for chopping parsley, basil, and other things that are cumbersome with a knife.

Recipe: Smoky Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/3/10 12:26 AM