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I'm a huge fan of real silverware, glasses and dishes - outside of specific gatherings (children's parties, barbecues) that make it impractical I always gear towards real cutlery and dishes. I actually find it really easy to rent everything I need on the occasions that my existing supplies won't cover the number of people I expect. Rental is fairly affordable and there is no need to wash up :)

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3/24/14 09:34 PM

I had grilled shark that I loved at a birthday party - seasoned simply with sea salt and pepper, grilled in large steaks, additional salt sprinkled and lime juice squeezed on top and then cut into bite size chunks and speared with toothpicks. It was delicious!

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11/29/11 11:37 AM

This is very belated - but I felt compelled to comment.
Out of the 8 Brooklyn house tours featured on AT today - this is the one that moved me.It is a beautiful space with several personal choices that make the space both physically and aesthetically comfortable. I love the ornate details on alot of your vintage pieces and the dramatic choice in the dark wallpaper - it's type of place that would mesmerize me with the discovery of each charming, discreetly placed detail. gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: David's Vintage Upgrade with StyleNew York
10/14/09 05:00 PM

I actually just bought an upholstered bed from this place: They were easy to deal with and the product looks pretty much as it did online. I only received my bed last Thursday so I can't yet speak for the long term wear and tear - but the frame seems reasonably sturdy so far.

These look up your alley:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Well-Priced Upholstered Bedframe in Full Size? Good Questions
8/24/09 09:49 PM

not to state the obvious, since you've focused on non-food uses here, but I have a pyrex loaf pan that I also use to make small lasagnas and to bake smaller portions of chicken or macaroni and cheese

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 9 Uses for Loaf Pans
12/20/07 08:51 AM

I don't think it's so silly. I find the scrabble boards themeselves to be too large for placemats and I find that the colors (in this setting at least) clash terribly, however I think the idea of using the tiles to spell out placecards is genius!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scrabble Board Placemats
12/13/07 09:41 AM

fantastic, perfect way to free me from the drudgery or ironing!

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12/5/07 07:34 AM


I'd want to make a splash in red! Playing Boney M's "White Christmas" because I'm just a disco type of girl.

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11/30/07 07:20 AM

Love your duvet, where did you get it?

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Grant's Anti-Beige Statement
10/26/07 10:40 AM

Hi again,

The headboard did actually come from walmart (trust me, I was suprised too). I don't think that they carry it anymore but it ended up costing under $200 incl delivery.

The painting is by a jamaican artist called Ken Abendana Spencer. I was luck enough to have my mom gift it to me. He has done a ton of stuff, but more landscape than portrait, some of which I know you can buy on the internet. I'm sure you'll find some work by him if you google his name.

The ghost chair is the real thing. I actually searched high and low for a quality repro but had no hits. In the end I was lucky enough to find this one half price and in good condition on craigslist.

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10/26/07 09:44 AM


I love the curtains. Where did you get them? What material are they made of?

Apartment Therapy - #37 - Heather and Erik's Delightful Domicile
10/26/07 05:42 AM

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the compliments (and the not-compliments too).

1. Photos - I really did struggle with the photos, I'm not quite happy with how they came out, I agree that they could give a better idea of the rooms overall layout. Taking some tips from other entries I would totally try some different angles and wider shots if I did this again.

2. I was going for opulence/overtly feminine/calm/inviting/comfortable feel, so I'm really glad that some people got that vibe

3. The headboard was actually store bought and pretty cheap too.

4. The bedding and curtains were custom made. With the bedding especially I think having them custom made was worth it because I was able to get a closer/smoother fit for the duvet to my down comforter. I found that with the standard ready made sizing the duvets tend to run large so I didn't get the fluffy full look that I like.

5. Furniture choice. I'm pretty much a constant lurker on AT so I know that my choices are far flung from the streamlined stuff that's on AT most of the time. But I really wanted the room to be the kind of space where I could feel like the entire world was built for my comfort - for me that screamed princess furniture!

Apartment Therapy - #38 - D's Comfort Inn
10/26/07 05:31 AM


I bought this headboard (for about $150 with delivery) from walmart...unlikely source I know, but I was quite pleased:

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