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Hey, just a quick question. We have friends stay over pretty often, usually once every week to two weeks. I would like to give them a comfy spot to crash. They used to sleep in our living room on the couch, but we've downgraded to a two seater (we REALLY needed the space), and the guys who stay most often are upwards of 6 feet tall, so I really can't imagine them sleeping soundly on our tiny couch. I'd like to keep the in the living room, as the layout of our house makes it so they can sleep in if they sleep there. It also has a closet that only houses about 4 coats normally, and has plenty of extra room for their items. The problem? Our living room is roughly 10x20. Not much space for improvising. Especially when you factor in all of our living room & office stuff that has to be in here. Is it a lost cause? Any ideas?

No Guest Bedroom, now what? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/4/10 01:25 AM