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i've been desperate for a way to aesthetically store my bike! can you detail what you did with those non-intrusive hooks?

Apartment Therapy New York | East #37: Doreen's TI(NY) Living
4/26/08 03:16 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | East #5: Family of Four’s “Two Bedroom” Studio
4/8/08 10:25 AM

This stuff looks gorgeous. BUT, where can I find pricing and where to buy??? The lack of availability of this information makes me think it's veeeery pricey.

Apartment Therapy New York | Team 7 Non-Toxic Bedroom Furniture
2/26/08 07:08 AM

SWEET kitchen!

Apartment Therapy - #37- Robbie's Bright Cave
10/29/07 05:16 AM

LOVE the bedding, and the color palate in the bedroom!

Apartment Therapy - #31- Suzy's Snappy Decisions
10/24/07 06:40 AM

stunning details! i'm oozing with jealousy.

Apartment Therapy - #28- Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette
10/24/07 06:35 AM

There's something about this that I really love - makes a statement.

Apartment Therapy - #12-Nicole's Subtle Vintage
10/19/07 09:25 AM

I second props on the bathroom color! Love it!

Apartment Therapy - #3 - Alex and Jessica's Bold Bungalow
10/4/07 07:24 AM

Bold -- and it works!

Apartment Therapy - #2- Heather's Aqua in Austin
10/3/07 06:41 AM


Small Cool Extra: Joseph's Cozy Brooklyn DIY
5/8/07 08:23 AM

Could I plug a power strip into these? I was JUST thinking about how impossible it is to unplug stuff all the time. Perfect timing :)

Remote Control Switch Socket
5/7/07 08:44 AM

Is that ampersand a decal?

#29 - Lex Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 09:20 AM

WOW- props to my hometown, Buffalo! Are you downtown?

#23 - Fernanda Adam's Hidden Storage
4/25/07 12:12 PM

Maybe you need to post entries as they come in, like you do for the other contests? Might remind people that it's going on?

Small Cool 2007: We Love You Just The Way You Are
4/4/07 11:09 AM

Thanks, everyone! I am going to try the Philippe Starck for now. (and at $12, i can always change my mind if it doesn't work out)

The Starck multi-function looks amazing, but $325 is a bit steep for a bedroom alarm clock.

I also LOVE the wood LED clock (have been drooling over it for the last year), but I don't think it has an alarm.


Good Question: Stylish Alarm Clocks?
4/4/07 10:50 AM