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Well, ya got my vote! Um, mint green laminate, beige carpet, and boredom or THIS???? T-H-I-S! If apartment therapy (HINT! HINT!) had a dream house feature where you could save your favorite places, I would click it on this entry. The use of commercial shopfitters is a good takeaway. I like the floors and the texture of the wall in your child's room. It reminded me of the landscape in the movie Renaissance.

Simone's Shine & Silhouettes Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 04:16 AM

I was treated like DIRT at the Stanley Hotel. Guess we didn't look RICH enough to be at the Stanley. Only bad experiences with the living...

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3/9/12 01:17 AM

I have fond memories of big snow in CO, and my dad making snow ice cream!

Confections for a Snow Day
Fresh Snow Ice Cream, Snow Cones, & Maple Syrup Taffy

3/9/12 12:31 AM

I've had people eat my food. Eat my food, but don't mess with a woman's Tupperware! I had to write a note to ask for my Tupperware back. My favorite mess was the Coke can that exploded in the freezer. Nobody would clean it. I want to get my own fridge at work.

Group Living Isn't Easy: A Gallery of Snarky Notes and Post-Its
2/21/12 10:00 PM

Mix tapes... I loved getting them and giving them. Erika Simmons artwork is cool. Love the Lennon.

Tapes, Records & DVDs: 5 Clever Uses for Outdated Technology
1/19/12 12:27 AM

Can't wait to try this, sarahrae! I have two that are on their last leg.

How To Clean Your Bathtub With A Grapefruit & Salt
1/4/12 01:00 AM

I have a Rhapsody Tempur-Pedic mattress and the Ergo adjustable base. I've had my mattress and base for almost 5 years. When I come home from a long flight, I like to sleep with the foot of the bed elevated. It helps when you're sick. You can sleep sitting up. This is the best bed I've purchased. On my last bed, my shoulder would be sore from sleeping on my side.

Review: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme w/ Adjustable Base
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9/26/11 11:27 PM

You focused on blue. I haven't been their since the 90's, so I don't know if people have moved on to blue. When I was there, I noticed various shades of green. I love the green at L'as du Fallafel.

Vacation Inspiration: Parisian Blues
9/18/11 03:54 PM

That's such a big apartment for Paris. I'd love to check out the Parisian flea markets and add pieces to this place.

Ida's Uncompromisingly Personal Parisian Apartment
House Call

9/18/11 03:48 PM

Love this idea!

How To: Make a Clementine Candle
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6/24/11 10:37 PM

LOVE Lisa Bruce's home! The color, the use of the mirrors, the architectural detail... It's very transporting!

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3/5/11 01:13 AM

LOVE IT! This entire place captures J's personality PERFECTLY! Bright, sunny, cheerful, beautiful...and NOT BORING! It's so femme! Me can't wait to see!

Janelle's "Viva La Femme" Room
11/2/10 06:40 PM

LOVE the floors!!!!! Love the color and worn look... I love exposed brink and am anti-painted brick--but this white WORKS.

Tech Tour: Andy Heather's Geek Chic Living Room | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/27/10 10:42 PM

I likey... I would probably be a bull in this china shop. The place reminds me of an upscale lounge. You're very clean. The faucet coming out of the wood counter is pretty cool. I also like the way you tied in orange between the living room and the kitchen. Man, I hope your guests use coasters!

East Sussex A/V Dream House Home Tech Tour | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/27/10 10:36 PM

LOVE... LOVE... LOVE IT!!! Everywhere you look, there's something fascinating to see. I love how you mixed old school tech and hi-tech. That's just too sweet how the IKEA blind creates privacy and is used with a projector.

I thought I would feel claustrophobic given the size. CRIKEY! After seeing the photos, it looks like a spacious, hip lounge. VERY STYLEY!!!!

Houston Hi-Tech in a Small Space Tech Tour | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/12/10 10:58 PM

Well done, Scott. I like the spatial relationship throughout the place. Love the floors! I also like how you've combined Goodwill finds with the usual suspects like Target.

House Tour: Scott's Airy Simplicity Washington, DC | Apartment Therapy DC
1/3/10 02:04 PM