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Would these cardboard magazine files from IKEA work?


The price is fantastic, although they have the finger hole rather than the flat front.

I bought them thinking they would nice to draw on, but they have a slightly slick surface and drawing worked just *okay*. They would probably be better suited for this project.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make Custom Magazine Files
1/9/09 09:19 PM

It's as icky as taxidermy, in my opinion.

Hot or Not?: Antique Butterfly Collection
7/10/07 09:40 PM

Hey boomer. I agree. I am in Portland. In addition to what you mentioned, the whole studded tire thing here is a joke. Not only are they dangerous when it isn't snowing or icy (90% of the winter here) but they screw up the roads. The roads are so loud because they are screwed up that you have to turn your radio up to hear it. One of these days, my speakers are going to blow out. My 2 year old car already has a million rattles.

How to: Stop the Draft
7/10/07 09:28 PM

Whoa! Bad childhood memory there.

From The Kitchen Our sister site that promotes cooking & eating at home
7/7/07 10:43 PM

I recall my mother trying to steam clean a velour chair and parts of it became discolored. She ended up recovering it many years later.

The kind of velour used on track suits is not upholstery velour. Leave this to the pros.

Good Questions: How Do You Clean a Velour Couch?
7/3/07 09:58 PM

Here in Portland OR, squirrels are as numerous as the trees they inhabit.

My squirrel story this week. They kept hopping into my bird feeder that I loved. It was a bowl with a minature, real, working umbrella over it to keep little bird heads dry while dining. It reminded me of something out of an Edward Gorey drawing. After the third time that squirrels knocked it down, it finally broke into 5 pieces. Grrrrrr!

Plus I think the squirrels give our indoor cats worms just because they share the back deck. (My cats have a little caged enclosure out there that they use on nice evenings. We call it "poker night".)

PlantTherapy: The Showdown
7/1/07 08:05 AM

I like Anna's suggestion. We are doing the antique camera collection in our Danish cabinet and it does look spectacular. My husband was a photographer before he became a graphic designer so he is a little picky about the cameras he picks up, but old Brownies and such are easy to find in antique malls everywhere and are pretty cheap too. If you are a clueless on decorating shelves as I am, I recommend this as a first collection.

Good Questions: How Do I Decorate This Shelving Unit?
6/24/07 07:55 AM

Okay, here's another link:

Other Patrick, I think they are prevalent in design circles and are not overused... yet.

But almost.

Good Questions: Where Can I Find These Lucite Chairs?
6/14/07 07:50 AM

I once randomly taped up about a dozen examples of tea bag origami on a large blank hallway wall in an old apartment. At first I thought it was a silly idea, but after I did it, it was pretty spectacular. I didn't use frames. Just stuck 'em to the wall with tape so they were like patterned snowflakes.

There are probably better sites, but the pictures here look alot like the ones I made. I remember I did about 4 or 5 different designs using all kinds of origami paper. It was also alot of fun.


Inspiration: Cut paper wall art
6/9/07 10:24 PM

What a fabulous question!

angorian, PETA akin to the KKK? I don't agree with PETA's tactics always but I don't think their philosophy is based on hatred. They may not approve of wearing fur, but I don't think most PETA member would lynch a person who wore one.

Good Question: Is It Cruel to Throw Away Oysters?
6/3/07 01:47 PM

I read all the AT sites.

Lake Oswego, Oregon (exactly 8 minutes by car from Portland)

Survey: Are you in the Southwest?
6/3/07 08:20 AM

The suggestions here are all great.

Welcome to Portland, but I have to tell you we have many, many Craftsman style homes here. If you don't like a Craftsman home, maybe just rent this place until you can find one more suitable to your tastes. Personally, I don't think modern tastes in a Craftsman is that uncommon around here and can work quite well. Please don't be sneaky and paint the place anyway, as suggested. Craftsman homes are gems and the landlord is just looking out for the place to make sure renters don't destroy it. If someone rented my Craftsman and painted the wood, I would cry and then I would sue.

Disclosure: I don't own a Crafstman.

Good Questions: What to do with all this dark wood?
5/20/07 08:06 AM

Does it have to be a flowerbox? Can it be any sort of planted vessel, such as an urn or even a pot?

Does it have to be flowers? I would like to plant something with sedges and grasses.

2007 Flowerbox Awards: Wheels Up!
5/20/07 07:44 AM

Gorgeous! And a real pick-me-up out here in the Portland area where it is raining today (but luckily we have gorgeous flowers right now too).

We bought that Panasomic camera yesterday at Costco. We are planning to take it out today and take some pictures of the planted urns around town. We were looking for a camera to keep in my purse that took great pictures and I think this will be perfect.

Planttherapy: Nice Bunch
5/20/07 07:38 AM

People like Boomer have found some sort of license to continue to live as we have been doing by hating one man - Al Gore. Meanwhile Fox News has been allowed to continue its tendentious lies on a daily basis and gets a pass from the same people.

The thing that Boomer and others always seem to forget is that Al Gore is not presenting HIS science. He's presenting THE science on GW.

Meanwhile, I remain cautious on this current red hot stock market as some sort of indicator that the economy is "Booming". It's booming for the people who are IN the stock market, and pretty much no one else.

Apartment Therapy on: Bees & Bankers
4/28/07 08:00 AM

You guys are reading alot into it. It's still art, regardless of the manipulation or the topical nature of the "subject". If anything, I think Jordan's work is about consumption, more than the envirnoment.

And can I correct on assumption people seem to have? Just because something is recyclable doesn't mean it's a completely benign commodity as far as the environment is concerned. Energy is STILL used to recycle cans and paper.

The reams of paper pretty much damns my line of work, though.

The Gallery: Chris Jordan
4/27/07 08:16 AM

I checked "other" because my problem is how long it is taking. The longer it takes to amass the different pieces I want to complete the room, the more tired I am starting to become with the whole look. But it IS starting to look nice.

The Spring Cure: Week 7 - The Bedroom
4/18/07 09:11 PM

We bought this one on Craigslist (in the exact same color as the link), but even new they are very reasonably priced and I think it's lovely.

Sorry for the long link:

Good Questions: Great Sleeper Sofa?
4/16/07 08:01 AM

I am admitting it to the world this evening:

I LOVE Peeps.


Peeps Poll: Easter Explosion Edition
4/4/07 10:55 PM

My female kitty is the digger. Male just plops and goes (making the humans scream in disgust from the smell)

But even with the holes in the liner, the routine cleaning of the box itself is still much easier than if I didn't have them. When I remove the liner with the used litter in it, I just place it inside another clean garbage bag and transport it to the trash can.

There IS the matter that these bags don't break down in the landfill and some experts even suggest replacing the plastic tub once a year because the urine impregnantes the plastic after a certain point. And I am not sure if my recycler will take a urine soaked plastic tub. They should, but I won't bet on it. Perhaps I should get a metal pan, put it would have to be large enough for my 18 lb Maine Coon!

Good Questions: How Do You Cut Laminate Without Splitting?
4/4/07 10:17 PM