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The Stol might be perfect for you:
It's foldable, not too expensive and very, very comfortable.

Recommendations for Camping Chair That's Big-&-Tall-Fella-Friendly? Good Questions
7/8/14 08:15 AM

Garlic and onion powder?
What is that?
Don't you use fresh onions and garlic?
That is weird.

Make or Buy? Salad Dressing
8/21/11 08:45 AM

Yes, pricey. But also for a good cause:
"Rice products are designed and developed in Denmark, and are produced in the Third World with respect for people.

Rice is SA8000 certified, which is a guarantee that we will always conduct ourselves in a morrally and socially responsible manner.

Rice Supports the Global Compact which is a commitment from businesses around the world to eliminate starvation and poverty."

Good Real Cups for Small Kids
Good Questions

8/14/11 04:49 PM

@mschatelaine: Use Google Chrome, highlight links right click "Go to http://...." works fine.
Try it, all the links are live.

Can You Help Me Recreate This German Soup Recipe?
Good Questions

9/4/10 02:20 PM

Ansela, in Germany you would be called a major racist.
Tell us again, please, who exactly do you think you are?
I do not know where to begin, but "destroy this country by making it bi-lingual." ??
Come on! Your online personality is a hoax, right?
Nobody in their right mind would say something like that and mean it.
Either you are dumb f***ed stupid or just plain irrational.

Raising a Bilingual Child
8/18/10 03:48 PM

My boyfriend is Norwegian, I am German and we do not speak each others languages. We speak English so our kid will probably be trilingual.
He speaks only Norwegian with him, I only German and the kid might pick up the English we use with each other.
We try to be very strict with this.
Dad is the one with the Norwegian
Mom is the one with the German
Between them they speak English.
Great joy.

Raising a Bilingual Child
8/17/10 02:36 PM

My hometown on Apartment Therapy, how nice! It is worth a visit and not only for the lovely George Hotel.

Pink & Brown Bedrooms at the George Hotel
Hamburg, Germany

8/17/10 05:18 AM

Remember to stock the new place with toilet paper, towels, kitchen paper, some cleaning stuff and lamps (you might unpack until it's dark and when the place does not come with fixed lamps it's really dark...).
Coffee machine (or know where the next coffee to go place is).

8 Things To Have On Hand If You Hire Movers
8/4/10 04:37 AM

Hm, just read that bit about Ergo not being a too friendly company. That is disappointing.
Saying that all midwives here recommend the Manduca anyway so that might be a good reason to buy that one.

Baby Carriers

7/30/10 04:38 PM

I second both the Manduca (hugely popular here in Hamburg, Germany) and the Ergo.
Both are extremely comfortable for both parents and baby.

Baby Carriers

7/30/10 04:34 PM

Actually Bowie, Bowie and some more Bowie.
(And I am not ashamed to say that at 41 he still adorns my/our bedroom)

Fess Up! Who Adorned Your Teen Walls?
7/28/10 04:33 AM

He he he, I have one of those who grunts as well! And it kept me awake all night while everyone else slept....
We co-shared the first months with a baby-bay (one of those beds you fix onto your own).
Since he was six months old he slept in his own bed but still in our bedroom (not much better for me).
And now (as I have posted in another thread) I let him fall asleep in the bedroom and wheel him out into the hallway for the remainder of the night. And it works wonderfully!
We have our bedroom back to ourselves, he sleeps soundly from 8 pm to 8 am and everyone is happy and rested.

Survey: Failed Shared Rooms | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/30/10 04:17 PM

We bought the Stokke Sleepi and I can highly recommend it. It might not be that small but it has wheels so you can roll it from room to room. My son used the small version up until he was six/seven months old and only then we needed to extend it.
And even the larger version has wheels so every night I let him fall asleep in the bedroom and then wheel him out into the hallway so I get to sleep more soundly. (We live in a 2 1/2 room place at the moment...)
A great buy!

Let's Talk About: Mini Cribs | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/29/10 03:32 PM

I read and read and read while nursing. An ebook reader is even better than a "normal" book since it is so much lighter, you can hold it with one hand. My son was distracted by TV from very early on so that did not work. Something to drink and something to put your feet upon are essential things! The phone nearby is good, too, even if only to see who called and who needs calling back. I did not answer immediately since that distracted my baby as well. Happy nursing! And keep it a fun and relaxing time, it is so sweet to have him/her at your breasts ;)

What's a Good Nursing Setup?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/1/10 03:01 PM