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I love how your style complements the bones of your apartment. I love the restraint in your palette and how it balances the more ornate lines of many of your pieces. I love how unapologetically feminine it is without being girly. I love how it references Victorianism quite clearly without being slavishly literal.

Haven't been so delighted by an apartment in ages.

Charlotte's Classic Mix Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 08:34 PM

New Anthropologie Global Flagship store!

We Bought a 94-Room French Chateau
5/28/14 11:08 AM

Library/music room. Comfy chairs, round game/writing table, bookshelves galore, and my piano. Many throw pillows, blankets, and lamps. Fluffy cat optional.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 01:58 PM

Is it just me or does this look... vaguely obscene?

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 03:34 PM

I have a strict no-shoes house, which I see as a must in a major city. I make exceptions for service people, friends just popping in-and-out, and those with mobility or foot issues. I also allow shoes-on for larger parties of mixed company (with coworkers, or people who don't know each other terribly well).

My house is always clean, and I am always happy to loan a pair of comfy socks. I always notify new friends beforehand that I am No-Shoes.

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 10:56 AM

"We live in a small stone cottage from the 17th century in a little hamlet at the top of hill in Dordogne, France. "

No. Words.


Emilie's 17th Century Cottage in France House Call
2/25/14 06:52 PM

Great article.

Here's my worry: being too hodge-podgy. I like an eclectic look and have furniture of several different styles from a few different eras. My fix is to try to keep a unifying color or texture across every piece.

4 Fixes for Common Design Detours
2/15/14 02:15 PM

Sounds like it involves sweating and panting! LOL. It's like telling someone who hates ketchup that if they keep trying, one day they'll find a brand of ketchup they like. There may be slight variations, but they're all ketchup. Like I said, I just buck up and do it anyway. I'm glad you found something you like, though!

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/14/14 02:16 PM

The thing is... some of us just don't like activity. Period. There is NO activity that involves sweating or being out of breath or lifting something heavy that I have ever enjoyed unless it was happening in bed.

That said, sometimes you just have to make yourself do things you don't like.

This was actually a really important realization for me. I kept thinking there was something wrong with me because I hated exercise so much. Nope. I'm allowed to hate it. I just have to do it anyway.

From Couch Potato to Fitness Nut, in Two Easy Steps
2/14/14 01:09 PM

Light carpet with a pattern is the best.

Which Is Easier To Keep Looking Clean: Light or Dark Rugs?
2/13/14 01:05 PM

"the owners really know how to corral and stage the stuff..."

So true. Part of being neat is thinking of cleanliness/neatness as systems-oriented (how do I live, what are my habits, what do I keep, where do I keep it) as opposed to task oriented (picking-up, dusting, vacuuming, etc.), though of course the latter is important as well. Though I'm far from being a clutterbug, I'm not what anyone would call minimalistic either.

Where to Stash Your Stuff: Simple Solutions for a Happy Home Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
1/26/14 11:55 AM

Heh. I am one of the Clean People. I secretly hope my friends will be shamed into cleaning their own houses when they see mine.

I promise, I'm otherwise a lovely person.

Where to Stash Your Stuff: Simple Solutions for a Happy Home Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
1/26/14 11:39 AM

Oh, man, I would never expect anyone to leave their house altogether just to accommodate me. I worked in close proximity to clients all the time. I just resented people who were obviously babysitting me. I would also find it uncomfortable to be working in the same room while someone was sleeping, but that's me, and I worked in the suburbs where it wasn't an issue. A city cleaner might be used to that kind of thing.

When you find someone you really like & trust to work for you long-term, you might consider just giving her a key so she can work regardless of whether you're home. Some people preferred it that way, and I can see it being nice to just come home to a magically clean place.

How to Hire a Professional Housecleaner
1/15/14 11:00 AM

AT had a post on this some years ago that I chimed in on for the comments, and I'll make free to do so again. I used to be a cleaning lady. Here are some things that my favorite clients did to make the job easier:

1. Not a necessity, but being generous with water and soft drinks is really nice if I'm cleaning for more than two hours.

2. Also nice: being generous with your AC in the summer months.

3. Fact: some green cleaners just don't work as well/as quickly as the non-greens. It's fine if you want to use them, but please understand that it might take a little longer to get things as clean.

4. Paper towels are kind of wasteful, but they get some things cleaner than rags do, especially if you have pets and/or your house is very dusty or grimy.

5. Please be honest with yourself about your level of cleanliness. If your habits just aren't that clean, maybe you should get someone in there more than once a month. It's much easier for me (and cheaper for you!) to KEEP things clean than it is to GET things clean.

6. Please don't sit in the room and read-a-magazine-but-really-watch-me work. If you don't trust me, I'd rather you just hire someone you do trust.

7. I agree with just about everything in the article, with one caveat: "If your housecleaner does a particularly good job, let them know and provide a tip or gift at the end of the cleaning session, or yearly." You should be tipping at the end of the cleaning season or yearly or near the holidays, period. If you feel your person doesn't deserve a tip, why are you still using him/her?

How to Hire a Professional Housecleaner
1/15/14 09:44 AM

Install blinds within the window frame if you need to be able to block out light/cold/the view/whatever. Then install curtains on a rod over the frame as high as you can go. The curtains are just for decoration and you will rarely need to open or close them because of the blinds. Pull the couch out five inches from the wall to allow the curtains to fall straight down. It will not look strange.

Curtain Suggestions for Chilly, Awkward Window Over Sofa? Good Questions
12/17/13 11:26 AM

I think the layout of the home is one of the most important things to focus on, especially if you don't have a ton of money for renovations! This gets even more important in major cities where most homes are apartments and have stricter rules about what you can and can't change.

Most living rooms are open rooms. If you want to use it as a bedroom, you have to add a wall. You can't move kitchens and bathrooms without quite a bit of construction. If the only bedroom-able room is in the front of the house, are you going to be okay with street noise? What if the bathroom is on the other end of the house from the bathroom? Bad layouts are out there!

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 01:15 PM

Wow. I thought I was look at a black and white photo at first. You have created such an impressive effect! Great job. I love the restraint and the commitment to a "look."

Tabatha's \"Ruby Noir Vintage\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/20/13 11:41 AM

I only find painter's tape useful when walls are perfectly square. In my old, saggy-walled apartment, a good angled brush always works best.

Is This Don't Actually a Do? Skipping the
Painter's Tape

6/13/13 03:12 PM

New inspiration room for me. :) I love this.

Any way we could get dimensions on the livingroom? Mine has a similar layout but I'm wondering how close in size the two rooms are.

Danielle's Charming, Classic Walk-Up House Tour
5/24/13 12:53 PM

Really pretty. What is the shelf behind your couch? Or is that the radiator?

Kerry's Minimized & Mindful Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 10:17 AM