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I am definitely feeling burned-out on blogs and have cut my reading down to about 4 a day. I'm also no longer reading comments - too many are bitchy and negative. Mean people do not make me feel good.

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4/24/08 12:12 PM

too trendy - it feels dated already

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mustache Key Holder from The Curiosity Shoppe
4/22/08 10:23 AM

I live in new construction, which I moved into 6 mos ago, and I too have weird brown spots on the ceiling. So, in my case, it's not smoke or old wallpaper glue. I'm going to clean it this weekend - when I find a ladder tall enough.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Bathroom Ceiling Zits?
11/8/07 01:54 PM

I definitely did not get my sense of style from my mom. She has a midwestern (read boring) sense of style. However, she was always cool about letting me do my own thing in my room. I loved purple in grade school, which went pretty well with my princess, faux- Louis 14th furniture. When it came time to replace my bedroom carpet in junior high, I asked for a dramatic navy short-pile and she let me have it. She always says she doen't know where I got my artistic ability and sense of style.

Apartment Therapy - Are you your mother's daughter?
10/26/07 10:32 AM

Handmade is a relative term -- If someone uses a sewing machine instead of sewing a garment by hand, is it handmade or machine-made? They are both handmade, just made with different tools. I do digital art (and sell it on etsy - minor plug here) and I consider it a form of handmade, though I prefer to think of it as "individually produced" rather than "mass-market" Although my pieces are currently open-edition, so I can produce as many as I want, I hope to be able to offer limited-edition pieces once I start selling well. Just because I don't paint my pieces by hand doesn't make them any less handmade. It takes a lot of time and a different set of skills than painting or drawing by hand. I do digital because it gives me the control and perfection I want -- it's the style I prefer.

Apartment Therapy - The Beauty of Handmade vs Digital Perfection
10/18/07 04:36 PM

I love this place! I love being able to see two contrasting colors - pink and teal, from the same room. I've always wanted to paint a room teal!

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10/18/07 04:25 PM