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I have had my eye on this quilt for a while, but I just can't afford it. Crossing my fingers in hopes to win it.

Win: Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Lab Holiday Giveaway
11/30/12 03:27 PM

white mountain

Can You Recommend a Bigger Ice Cream Maker?
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11/14/11 04:50 PM

Just looked at that 9.99 ikea one it's tiny.
Length: 10 1/4 " Width: 7 7/8 " Height: 2 1/8 "

There is a bigger one, but it is pretty shallow. We decided to go with a $13 rectangle granite ware one from target.

5 Roasting Pans For Any Budget
11/10/11 05:11 PM

Nice TAL reference!

America's Forgotten Fruit: The Pawpaw

9/30/11 03:36 PM

What kind of clock is that?

LED Lighting Meets Bedroom: Adesso EOS Wall Lamp
Unplggd Test Lab

7/27/11 02:12 PM

Day to day 1 or 2 burners. Bigger meals 3. Canning all 4.

When, eventually, we need to buy our own stove, I would look more at a 5 burner or one that you can swap out burners for griddles that someone mentioned above.

Kitchen Design: Is a Four-Burner Stove Necessary?
7/27/11 02:10 PM

Went from one cast iron skillet that occasionally used for cornbread to owning 3 different sizes and a griddle/grill. We use them all the time. Clean up definitely gets easier overtime once you develop a routine and pan develops a good seasoning.

Our only gripe with them, is uneven pancakes. We have tried warming it slowly and all that. Next time I am going to try warming it in the oven while making the batter is being made.

Elizabeth's Favorite Pan: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
3/15/11 03:31 PM

The Amazone link isn't $59.95, it's $80.
(just sayin')

Sara Kate's Pepper Mill: Perfex Pepper Mill
3/11/11 11:09 AM

Stainless steel inside (oxo no leak) + Bar Keepers Friend = looking and tasting new after 5 years of daily use.

How Do I Get Stinky Coffee Smell Out of My Travel Mug?
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2/4/11 11:39 AM

Bar base.

How To Repurpose Vintage Freezer?
Good Question

1/31/11 04:03 PM

those hangers for artwork is a stroke of genius!

Meg & Brad's Student Sanctuary
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12/17/10 10:22 AM

We used to make venison tacos with the ground meat. Could really tell the difference other than they are a little more dry than beef.

If you haven't cooked it before, be prepared for a very strong smell. Unfortunately (for me I guess) the smell of venison cooking, really puts me off of eating it.

What Are Your Favorite Recipes for Venison?
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12/14/10 10:28 AM

or molasses chocolate chip!

What's Your Favorite Holiday Cookie?
12/13/10 05:07 PM

As a kid - Church windows

Now - a toss up between peanut butter blossoms or date (filled) cookies.

What's Your Favorite Holiday Cookie?
12/13/10 05:06 PM

i have been eying these for a bit.

Win This Pair of World Maps from These Are Things!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/9/10 11:51 AM

I have never heard of the bread or candle tricks. I will have to try them, because I was thinking of asking for the goofy goggles for xmas.

Best Way to Stop Onion Tears? Put Bread In Your Mouth
12/9/10 10:39 AM

I could give this to my new nephew born yesterday.

Win This Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger from BabyGeared!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/7/10 02:12 PM

We do a version of this black bean taco (http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/02/crispy-black-bean-tacos-with-feta-and-slaw/)

We sub in the Joy of Cooking refried black beans and use red cabbage instead of a slaw mix (1/2 small red for 2 people - the slaw softens quickly so we make just enough for one meal). It has become a go-to staple at our place.

What Can I Do With Red Cabbage?
Good Questions

12/6/10 10:15 AM

Spiced/candied nuts are pretty easy and cheapish.

Recipes for Low-Budget Home-Cooked Presents?
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12/2/10 11:14 AM


Artificial Holiday Trees in Vibrant and Electrifying Colors

11/24/10 04:50 PM