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I like the clean look of the spines-in, though it doesn't make much sense. Unless you organize each individual shelf by subject, and maybe write the titles or at least author's last name on the outside (inside?). Since my brain is usually too jumbled anyway, I enjoy the serene look, and often find bookcases to be a bit chaotic. Hmmm. Ideas. I also like the bookcase headboard, and may use it in my new apartment. But, since I'm a potter, I may just use my bookcase for, well, pottery.

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12/29/09 06:00 PM

The bedrooms are so "Emily Dickenson." Quiet, thoughtful, meaningful.

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12/29/09 05:49 PM

I love the contrast of rustic and refined. I absolutely adore textures, especially in fabrics. This apartment is classic, modern and comfortable.

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12/29/09 05:45 PM