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I cringe whenever I see picture of a Togo pushed up against a wall. Pull them out!

One of my life dreams is to have a house with enough room to incorporate Togos somewhere.

Let's Have a Togo Party! | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/30/10 09:26 PM

I gasped when I saw this... So cool...

Win this Magisso Cake Server & Kitchen Cloth Holder from Urban Butik! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/2/09 07:45 PM

Great space. Very cool. I like how you used the tufted couch, chairs, and headboard as a recurring motif.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Mid-Century Modern Musicians' Loft House Tour
9/20/09 03:48 PM

Forgot to mention that I think your Shiba Inu is beyond cute!

Apartment Therapy New York | DIY Dog Bed in an Art Deco Fireplace
9/16/09 09:11 PM

Funny! I remember coming home from school when I was little to find my mom painting the inside of our fireplace white. She put our Chihuahua's bed in there, and it was his little hang out spot. He was the center of our house and home, so it was quite appropriate come to think of it.

Apartment Therapy New York | DIY Dog Bed in an Art Deco Fireplace
9/16/09 09:09 PM

Does the haze go away when you clean it, and it only comes back after using the shower? If so, I find that using liquid soap creates less residue on sinks and showers than bar soap.

Apartment Therapy New York | Applying a "Wet Look" to Black Tile & Grout? Good Questions
9/16/09 08:52 PM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | DIY Paper Clip Chandelier Kits
9/15/09 08:56 PM

Liked the film. Found Anna and especially Grace to be interesting. Remarked to my friends as soon as the movie was over on how those galvanized chairs could be at all practical!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Design on Film: Anna Wintour's Office
9/15/09 08:54 PM

office in a box with leather chair is yum.

Apartment Therapy New York | Restoration Hardware Roars Back!!
9/11/09 07:00 PM

Thanks everyone for all of your great suggestions. Maybe I'll post the results if the project turns out nice.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How to Paint Galvanized Metal Good Questions
8/5/09 11:34 PM

Really really great!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Turning Bike Parts Into A Rotating Table
8/5/09 11:03 PM

I want one! :-(

Apartment Therapy DC | Closeup: Anna's Basement Dressing Room
8/3/09 09:57 PM

Very clever...and well-executed too!

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Create an Aviary from an Armoire
8/3/09 09:51 PM

room and board carries a grey one that is similar.

Apartment Therapy New York | Identify This Large, Low Couch? Good Questions
7/29/09 08:23 PM

Wow that MCM dresser is fantastic. I'd take it in a heartbeat if you were in LA...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Vintage Walnut & Mahogany Dresser - $375 Chicago Scavenger
7/29/09 08:22 PM

They really did a great job on this conversion. Love it!

Check out the fun floors in the kitchen and the bedroom (on the website). Looks like they reused floors that had lines painted on them like you would in an indoor basketball court or something. Whimsical and great.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Beautiful Interiors: Converted Church
7/29/09 08:07 PM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Muji Bath Radio Disguised As Shampoo Bottle
7/23/09 08:51 PM

cool mural.

Apartment Therapy New York | Candace & Chris's Art-Filled Loft — After the Deluge House Call
7/23/09 08:31 PM

cool stuff.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Le Club Chasse et Peche Fixtures by Antoine Laverdiere Montreal
7/23/09 08:28 PM

Too cute. You may want to look into getting a dwarf bunny. They stay small = less mess.

I never knew that people put leashes on their bunnies and take them out until I saw this funny website. Might be one way to let it out of the cage from time to time w/o messing up your entire place.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Will a Bunny and My House-Pride Clash? Good Questions
7/23/09 08:14 PM