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It's probably no surprise that the type of people who like to look at Apartment Therapy are also the type to feel nostalgic for homes with strong memories and associations.

I grew up in a sprawling mid century modern walk out rancher my parents built when they found out they were pregnant with me, their fifth child. Although I moved out at 19 my parents sold our home when I was 34. Until that time I always had a key and the alarm code. It was the only place, other than my own, that I never knocked or rang the bell, but just went in. I never stood on ceremony and waited to be asked if I wanted something to eat, I just helped myself. It was home, an extension of my parents and the love they showered on us.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to design and build my own home. 3000 sq ft on three levels. Every design decision was one that I made. I absolutely loved living there. Sadly, although I had no mortgage, I had given a personal guarantee to a bank as security for a real estate development I was doing and the crash of '08 forced us into receivership. Long story short I lost everything. I will never forget my last walk through that home. Ultimately I was thankful for the amazing time I'd had living there. So, it made me really accept the inevitablity of change. It also forced me to examine my priorities. While I had been thankful for all the things I had I realized it's the love in my life, my freedom and health that are more important, and I wouldn't trade them for all that I had lost.

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/13/12 06:01 PM