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ha, i thought i was the genius who came up with this idea!!! i've been doing this for years.

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
1/22/13 09:09 PM

feeling SO much better about my decision to use glass jars for cutlery! i'm not creative & have NO design sense (which makes me very sad) but the drawers in my rental duplex are not functional so i decided using jars on the counter was a good solution. glad to see this isn't considered a 'party foul'.

speaking from experience, i tried placing the cutlery handle side up b/c i thought that made more sense but it works better the other way.

5 Decorative Uses for the Versatile Glass Jar in the Kitchen
4/25/12 05:30 PM

ha, my young dog did the exact same thing. i've thought about doing a search here for repair tips but talked myself out of it every time, telling myself that there was no way this has happened to anyone else.

thanks for the help, i'm not so overwhelmed by the idea of repairing this on my own now.

sadly, my dog moved on from window sills to one of my old wood children's school chairs and then an old japanese wooden rice box. he was FAST & CRAFTY when he wanted to chew. thank doG he's grown out of this behavior now. lucky for him he's cute.

thanks, Apartment Therapy!

Help! My Dog Ate My Windows!
3/20/12 11:44 PM

i think "luxury" dog furniture is one of the most ridiculous idea's i've seen in a while.

the unbelievable amounts of money these items cost would be better used to save dogs living in a cold, dirty shelter. donate the money to a rescue group and see how you feel. and trust me, your dog doesn't care where his bed came from, he's already sleeping on your bed while you're gone anyway!

let go of the pretentious attitude when it comes to your dog, there are too many homeless dogs who just want a person, they don't care what their bed looks like.

donate that money to a rescue group and buy your dog beds at costco.....they have the best quality, machine washable beds at a price anyone can afford. matter of fact, they're so affordable, if you want to indulge your dog, you could buy one for each room of your house and STILL have money left over to donate to a rescue group and save a dog who doesn't have a home or a human, not to mention a bed.


Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not?: Luxury Dog Sofa
10/31/08 09:26 PM

i'd probably want to have my own alarm clock. however, my boxer dogs wake me up for work...except on the week-ends! : )

Apartment Therapy - Alarm Clocks: Is Sharing Caring?
10/17/07 06:24 PM