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Color and California...must be the lighting. Sunshine inspires the bright and bold!
Thanks for all the great inspiration!
Now, I think a home tour is in order...

Apartment Therapy - And the winners are...
11/25/07 12:14 PM

very cute place. I know how it feels to want to express yourself in your home, yet not have the funds you'd like. Every piece in my home has a story about how I got it on sale or somethng to that effect.
You've done a great job.
And I love you ripping into the monsoon. So funny!

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/25/07 02:05 AM


Apartment Therapy - #13- AJ's Box of Crayons
10/25/07 01:56 AM

I think white is a great balance with color. Nice job

Apartment Therapy - #10 - Lorie09's Traditional Wake Up Call
10/25/07 01:53 AM

I love the the wrought iron against the green in the kitchen. Have that print; love it! Fun bathroom!

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/25/07 01:49 AM

cute armless...cute cat, love the green pillow

Apartment Therapy - #34 - StacygNYC31's Splashes of Color
10/25/07 01:47 AM

beautiful colors!

Apartment Therapy - #35 - Amanda's Medium for Expression
10/25/07 01:44 AM

Wow, is right! Very fun. I salute the white couches; would have to have clear plastic covers if I had them in my house due to my inherent clumsy factor.

Apartment Therapy - #35- JD Design's Wow Factor
10/25/07 01:42 AM

I'm in love with the blue; I don't care how many of us use it, it is a great color to live in. The alcove bed is charming, and i'm digging those chairs!

Apartment Therapy - #18 - Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East
10/25/07 01:35 AM

Thanks meltendo and kpbrooks!
Alana, Thanks for your bluntness. I used the blue paint tinted with white in the mural. FYI; In the first shot, I used all four room colors in the medallion on the wall, which helps in the transition from living room to kitchen.
In the bathroom, the ratio of the cranberry red to white is fifty: fifty (with all the doors and the shower) which actually work perfectly together.
In the bedroom, you're right about the pictures' representation of the green. It has more depth in person.
That's my defense, your honor.

Apartment Therapy - #15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo
10/25/07 01:30 AM

Gorgeous bathroom...Gorgeous blues...Black and white to tie it all in! Fab!

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
10/23/07 07:47 PM

cool bedroom...blue and chocolate is delicious!

Apartment Therapy - #32 - Pinky's Paperhaus
10/23/07 07:44 PM

That's the blue I want!! Sea glass, but not too transparent. Very cool place.

Apartment Therapy - #32- Jeff and Tracie's Colorful Personalities
10/23/07 07:41 PM

Wow, love the first pic. Light and shadow - yummy! I really enjoy how the different colors you've chosen, oranges, pinks, yellows, greens, play off each other. I love how the same pink bench and green wall look so different in the 2nd and 5th pics. Light and shadow - awesome!

Apartment Therapy - #33- Greenschmoops' Sunny Weather
10/23/07 07:37 PM

The cushion cover, Tiffany, I think was Pier One or World Market...not from abroad, but I glad it looks like it could be.
LaDonnaNichole, I kind of agree with you on the colors. The 1st two rooms are "live in" kind of rooms with lots of wall space, and I needed colors that relax, especially in the bedroom. The last 2 rooms (kitchen and bath) don't have a lot of wall space, so I felt safe using the bold saturated color.
I, too, like the MCM style, and wish I had another room to play with to try it out my way. :) make that 2 rooms...ok 4 rooms max...

Apartment Therapy - #15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo
10/23/07 07:27 PM

Thanks again...and OMG Squatter; I laughed for 5 minutes. I don't really know what that means, but I'm thinking it was a "feels like home" kind of reference? I'm still giggling.

- Feeling grateful for your kind words, and for my wee , yet safely out-of-the-line-of-fire little place (literally; as California is burning all around us). -sending hopeful thoughts for an end to the wind, heat, and fears - juliana6

Apartment Therapy - #15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo
10/23/07 10:34 AM

Thanks, David!

And yes, lililouise, those are chair cushions. More affordable than a headboard, since I haven't quite made up my mind about what I want. Plus, they turned out to be comfortable as well as cute :)

This is so much fun! I've loved seeing what everyone has done, and it is really fun to share. Thanks AT (and CB2)!
- juliana 6

Apartment Therapy - #15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo
10/22/07 03:52 PM

all the coolest homes have cats...
just a theory

i like the color tip about keeping the trim the same as the wall, but I think the wall with the red window trim on blue walls with green above is the coolest, better than the all red wall.
great way to use color with those tall walls!

Apartment Therapy - #13 - Dan and Amy's Chinatown Loft
10/18/07 05:18 PM

Dig the toys, LOVE the cat, enjoy the artwork, love the place (all that room, I'd kill for it!). You did a great job creating a unique place that says a bit more than just "I sleep here"...If you need to get any of that cool stuff off your hands, uh, I could take 'em for you
(including the cat)

Apartment Therapy - #11- DMstudio's Private Sanctuary
10/17/07 05:06 PM

Love the yellow/gold with the vintage orange pottery. Would love to see more of it, but I'm a "more" kind of girl. The chalk board is great. Is it blank and you "scribbled" graffiti-esque in chalk, or did you paint that on it? Like it either way.

Apartment Therapy - #12-Nicole's Subtle Vintage
10/17/07 04:54 PM