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I wanted to add one thought. If you do take out the ceiling lighting and add can lights or track, but can lights still might be better, consider this ceiling to be your punch of color. It will be much easier to live with and would accent the ceiling but reader above is correct...could be a budget buster. You could replace the vent hood with a GE Advantium that is a microwave and speed cook oven. Clients LOVE them and it will give you a second oven AND get the micro off the counter which you really should do also. They are not cheap but not too bad. And, work great. Cooks without heating up your kitchen so much and if this is an enclosed kitchen which it looks like, then will help quite a bit.

The other thought is to paint the legs of your table a bold color that will coordinate with the final palette ..maybe a hot pink there! Nice combo with the wood. And you could then still do a blue/gray on the laminate tops. And the backsplash ideas are great. I have used the sticky stainless tiles and they work "ok" but for the price, can't be beat. Since the cabinets are so simple, you could also ( and I am sure I will be castigated here) put a paintable wall covering that has a pattern/ that comes to mind is a fun retro with subtle swirls. Looks fun and can liven up the simple white tile and cabinets. Look at Graham and Brown.


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3/15/10 09:43 AM

I agree with editor about punching up the wall with some bright color. Hot pink, which I love, is going to be tough to cook around however. You might try a shade of gray ( sorry from above to disagree!) that has a taupe tone. There are several BM colors that will work. While hot pink would look good i a photograph, it is best used as an accent and not as a wall color that would "envelop" you and make it tougher on actually cooking. I would agree that the faux laminate should go. You can get other post form laminates ( what this is called) for pretty inexpensively and if you can deal with the grout on tile, can get lots of bang for your buck using a large format tile. Look for a rectified version ( where the grout lines are minimal because they fit tight) I realize many do not like grout but new sealers make it much better...and you will get a richer look than with laminate. But, personally, if my home or for one of my clients, I would use a funky fun laminate. Pionite has a sea green and a sea blue I am using now that are good looking. If you use the green, you can paint the walls a tonality of gray that incoporates the greenish gray color. I would not do a bar height island. If room, get a long table and use it on one side as the work space and it can double as your sit down table and then perhaps can put a piece of storage furniture on wall where table is now. Hard to tell really with just one photo. You are welcome to check out my website for ideas. I am award winning kitchen and bath designer. Cheryl

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3/15/10 09:26 AM

Agreed. A little bit goes a long way. Isn't that the key to good design? Knowing when to say "when" and guiding people to make smart decisions on selections and not overdo anything? I know I have to sit on my clients sometimes to keep them from wanting to incorporate everything they have ever seen in a magazine.....but the charms ARE cute. But not for 500 bucks!

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3/5/10 09:07 AM

Oooh. Love the table and all white scheme but with pop of red. I would frame this and put on my wall as art!!


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2/16/10 11:44 PM

Love the table in pix 4! It appears like a flower stem in a way...out of metal! I would have loved this idea on a recent "island" table where we used a carved wood base...this is elegant yet simple. Beautiful pix. ~ Cheryl

Inspiration: 10 Dining Areas Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
2/16/10 11:42 PM

Just stumbled on this post. Great info and I wrote a blog about same...tub people vs shower people. Important thing is to design the bath for how you live...and not what you "think" others may want.

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2/16/10 11:38 PM

Very well executed. This is the real sign of a good remodel. Not how much you spend but how you execute the project. I love the orange. Who is not happy around orange I ask? I also like the steel color on walls. Bravo!~~Cheryl

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2/16/10 11:22 PM