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I totally get where you were trying to go as we have a "retro" bath (pink tile, gah). The problem is this shade of green will make you look sick every time you look in the mirror. If your heart is set on green I agree with a previous poster who suggested Aloe by SW. Spa greens/blues: BM1632, 1584, 1562, 1563. HTH. Good luck.

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3/22/10 07:49 PM

I dunno. This looks nice, but would probably make my OCD unbearable. :)

A Different Kind of Kitchen Cupboard | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/16/10 10:38 AM

I'd put in white Caesarstone countertops with a marble subway tile backsplash. Classic and nice with the dark cabinetry. Light greige or white paint. Otherwise it tends to get too dark. Natural fiber rug. Easy to clean and super durable. HTH. Congratulations on your new house. Very exciting!

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3/16/10 09:06 AM

LOVE Meg. Period. xoxo

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1/20/10 07:30 PM