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Very pretty! I'm curious about the light blue and light gray paint colors. Do you mind sharing them? Thanks!

Maria's 500 Square Foot Studio House Call
4/14/14 01:23 PM

I think it might look great, especially in gray. For example, check out Nicole Balch's bedroom (Making it Lovely).

Matching Ceiling Paint: Design Do or Don't?
6/23/11 04:09 PM

Portuguese sopas!

Cabbage in Traditional Dishes All Over the World
6/19/11 03:29 PM

We moved from California to Chicago a few years ago, and we looked into full service, u-pack, and u-haul methods, and decided that u-pack services (where you pack and unpack your belongings into the truck, and they drive it in a big truck) were actually no more expensive than u-haul when you considered the price of gas, and FAR easier. We went with Broadway Express, which I would highly recommend. With u-pack services, you usually pay per linear foot of the truck. We used 10 linear feet, the minimum at Broadway Express, and we paid $2000. That was really not much stuff, however. Mostly just boxes, and almost no furniture.

The Cost to Move from LA to NY? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/6/10 08:49 PM

I loved this idea:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How to Brighten Up My First Kitchen? Good Questions
10/21/09 08:47 PM

I'll also chime in about Andersonville--make sure to hit up The White Attic and Room Service.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: "Don't Miss" Store Recommendations?
7/10/09 01:12 PM

This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the charcoal grey paint color?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Jon's Contemporary Hybrid Brooklyn
6/10/09 12:09 PM

I second mileErica's suggestion to change the orientation of the stairs. I think that the current orientation of the stairs is what screams "side entrance" the most. Painting the porch, adding house numbers, and adding a few very large pots with flowers on the ground to the side or in front of the porch would also help quite a bit.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Make this Look Like a Main Entrance?
6/5/09 10:55 AM

I would rip out the stitches surrounding the area and re-sew it by hand using a blind stitch. That's the only way you are going to completely get rid of the fraying area.

If you don't want to do that/can't do it, you can use Fray-Check to stop it from fraying further ( I would apply it to the base of the area that is fraying, let it dry, and then trim off the excess fabric that has frayed. Just be careful not to cut into the fabric that has not frayed.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: First Aid for Pillow Corners?
6/1/09 11:06 AM

Charcoal gray!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Which Color(s) For My Kitchen Cabinets? Los Angeles
5/27/09 10:48 PM

I would definitely get the metal powder coated in a bright, fun color, and leave the wood alone. Peacock blue or red sounds great! Does anybody have any suggestions on places in Chicago to get things powdercoated for a reasonable price? I'm actually looking to get some vintage steel lawyers bookcases painted, and the one quote I got was pretty high (much higher than JulieLeanne's estimate).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Refinish Vintage School Chairs?
5/20/09 11:34 PM

I love that you were able to fit a large dining table into your small space (and how you put it flush against the kitchen counter). I love having dinner parties, and could never live with only a two or four person table. I could totally imagine myself entertaining in your space! Love it!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Small Cool 2009: Lisa Jeremie's Parisian Open Space International Division #19
4/13/09 06:55 PM

I love what you've done so far! I think that bump out is calling for some kind of dramatic wall treatment. I'm thinking maybe some cool wallpaper on just that bump out, so it would almost seem like a headboard. Maybe you could find one with orange in it to go with your other accents, or even just a darker blue like your other throw pillow.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Help Amp Up This Guest Bedroom?
3/24/09 02:18 PM

I have a similar red, a chocolate brown, and a greenish gray in my open living/dining/entryway, and they look pretty good together. If you want a greenish gray, I suggest Master Room by Ralph Lauren (VM99). There's a post on the color (which is where I first saw the color and liked it) here:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Gray, Green or Something Else? Los Angeles
11/29/08 06:06 PM

Wow... I never understood the fascination with FLOR tiles until now. That flexibility is awesome.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Same FLOR, Different Arrangement...Totally Different Style
11/11/08 08:37 AM

My dishes are slightly squared, and since they don't stick out as much as rounded plates, they fit perfectly in my cabinets.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Tip: Measure Your Cabinets Before You Buy New Dishes
9/25/08 04:07 PM

definitely ironing my new(ish) curtains that have been hanging up, but alas, still have creases from being folded.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta IS1430 1400-Watt Pro Compact Steamer Los Angeles
9/11/08 11:59 AM

I love that rug in the living room!!! Anybody know where it's from, and if there are any similar rugs that don't break the bank (as I'm sure this one does)?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | River North Penthouse Chicago Home
9/10/08 06:33 AM

I second the Casa Gonzalez. I've stayed there dozens of times. It's quiet, and has tons of charm, a beautiful garden courtyard, and great antique furniture. I will say that it does not have many amenities-- don't expect shampoo or a hairdryer in your room (though, if you ask the ladies at the front desk, they have one that they will loan you). And, it's very safe.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Hotels in Mexico City?
9/4/08 07:32 PM

African-INSPIRED decor is fine, but let's not promote companies (like Primitive and Douglas Dawson gallery promoted here) that sell ancient artifacts that were almost all looted-- read stolen-- from archaeological contexts, only to benefit the looters and not the rest of the country, to whom the cultural patrimony actually belongs.

Buying these artifacts encourages and promotes even more looting in the future, based on a demand for products. As an archaeologist (who also enjoys art inspired by other cultures, including ancient ones), I think that we can have our cake and eat it too here. We can buy replicas or artwork that has been inspired by the original, and have a beautiful home without destroying the archaeological record for future generations. Let's be responsible here and be respectful of other cultures' ancient heritages while we are inspired in our homes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | African-Inspired Decor
9/2/08 06:58 AM