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Love curve appeal! I can see it pretty much everywhere in the house, though maybe especially as a back splash or in the bathroom.

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 12:42 PM

Where and why exactly are they credited with inventing IPA? I didn't think they were around in the early 19th century...

Beer Review: Hoptimum Imperial IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Beer Sessions
9/13/13 12:08 AM

Given that a lot of low income people struggle to get fresh fruit and veg due to food deserts I don't see how this will work. If you can't get to a grocery store all the prescriptions in the world won't help.

We need to work on better access to grocery stores first, and we need to bring home ec. back as a mandatory class to teach basic cooking, more nutrition, and food budgeting.

NYC To Offer Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions
8/9/13 11:34 AM

To the "Why wouldn't you just eat the whole thing??" people -- some people have food budgets they actually have to or want to stick to.

Food Huggers: An Easy Way to Keep Leftover Fruits & Veggies Fresh
6/29/13 10:17 AM

I was pretty sure that when yeast was used it was ginger beer...

The actually easy recipe for ginger ale is to boil fresh (or crystallized) ginger with sugar and water to make simple syrup, then add it to soda water.

Soda Recipe: Homemade Ginger Ale Cookbook Recipe from True Brews
5/22/13 12:43 PM

There's a similar looking egg in the cookbook 400 Best Ever Budget Recipes, though they keep the yolks a little less set.

Place eggs in a pan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil and cook for four minutes. Remove, then drain and rinse in cold water. Shell and set aside.

Fill a wok one-third full of oil and heat to 180 C/350 F (or until a cube of bread dipped into the oil browns in fifteen seconds).

Using a slotted spoon, lower the eggs, one at a time, into the hot oil. Deep fry 2-3 minutes, or until lightly golden. Remove and drain on paper towels.

How Can I Make Deep-Fried Hard Boiled Eggs at Home? Good Questions
3/5/13 09:04 AM

You realize at least two of those recipes do still require almost the normal amount of whisking and stirring...

Forget Stirring! Try Baked Polenta Instead
3/4/13 12:11 PM

The link to the fennel and kale bowl doesn't go to that website, but directs back to this page.

Lemon-Herb Hummus & Toasted Fennel and Orange Morning Cakes Delicious Links
2/7/13 12:07 PM

The ONLY thing that matters is buying coffee you like the taste of. It's like when people get uppity about the "proper" way to make a cup of tea - the only proper way is making the it the way that tastes best to you personally.

Are You Buying Bad Coffee?
2/7/13 12:04 PM

Be aware that the phrase "gypsy brewing" may be offensive to Romani peoples.

No Brewery, No Problem: Gypsy Brewers Take Brewing to the Next Level Beer Sessions
1/31/13 01:43 PM

The best benefit of these devices is for thoroughly mixing chocolate milk (whether from a packet or a more gourmet, homemade sort).

Almost Instant Foamy Milk? All Hail the Aerolatte Handheld Frother!
1/27/13 02:35 PM

Crockpot + freezer. Dump a load of things into the crockpot in the morning, then in the evening throw together a salad to go with it (and/or a quick grain dish or bread), and there's dinner.

Figure out what dishes work for you, and can be thrown together quickly. I find that getting out and measuring as many of the ingredients as I can before cooking helps speed me along.

Cook More Whole Foods Daily For My Family Reader Resolutions 2013
1/9/13 03:58 PM

Why is the article titled "How to make SOFT, chewy caramels" when the recipe is actually for FIRM caramels? I know it tells you how to make them softer up above, but if someone skips the initial explanation and just copies the recipe they won't get soft caramels.

How to Make Soft, Chewy Caramel Candies Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/30/12 05:06 PM

It's not with lentils, but I do a vegetarian version with roasted butternut squash, braised kale, and the usual mash on top.

Winter Casserole Recipe: Shepherd's Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
11/6/12 09:40 AM

Whatever you do, I'd check at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for cabinets and appliances (and even flooring), which would definitely help your budget!

I like in a small city and ours often has great appliances and nice cabinets. If you're close to a big city I bet you can find some amazing deals.

How Would You Modernize Betty Draper's 60s Kitchen? Budget Makeover Challenge Reader Intelligence Request
8/17/12 07:31 PM

Heavy spice in dishes helped preserve them and covered up the taste of rotting food prior to refrigeration, which is why they're especially common in hot countries. It wasn't a trick for keeping cool.

The Top Foods To Avoid in a Heat Wave Food Republic
7/19/12 03:20 PM

Could you please link to the three-in-one tool that you picture? The links just go to regular immersion blenders (and Amazon doesn't show any "also bought" pictures with the other attachments...).

The #1 Multi-Tasking Gadget You Should Have In Your Small Kitchen Reader Intelligence Report
6/20/12 02:20 PM

This isn't really a decluttering idea, because then when you need to use it as a drink tub you've got to find somewhere to put all the things you've been storing in it. Plus, unless you would otherwise throw them away, using them for things in your home (which you probably already own and have some sort of place already) isn't any more green than storing them in a closet.

Get More Use: Organize & Declutter Using a Drink Tub
1/18/12 12:57 PM

You know there are only 6 recipes in your "7 Ways to Eat Cabbage," yes?

All Dressed Up: 7 Ways to Eat Cabbage
1/12/12 09:07 AM

The real trick is to convince your children that the best thing ever is to be trusted with ironing. My mom did that and I spent a good chunk of my childhood asking to iron the napkins and tablecloths.

I still love to iron, though that's more about it being a great release for those of us with OCD tendencies.

No Iron Required: A Quick Way to De-Wrinkle Linens
KCRW's Good Food

12/18/11 04:10 PM