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I rip out what I want from Domino and put it in my idea book. I then recycle the mag. Maybe the last issue of Domino will be kept intact as a memorial and stored away.

I don't subscribe to any mags now since Domino is no more (sigh). But, to people who do save their magazines and have collections, don't feel pressured to discard them.

Sassy magazine was first magazine I subscribed to from the premiere issue when I was 14. I stopped after a few years since it was changing (why it eventually died). My dad talked me into getting rid of my collection. This was before ebay etc. I kept the premiere issue and the issue with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on the cover. I wish I had just taken them to university with me and said I had gotten rid of them. Sigh.

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2/10/09 11:47 PM

I have a white denim covered oversized chair from shabby chic in my bedroom. It's almost 10 years old and the denim covers have held up beautifully through countless washings. I don't really go for the whole shabby chic floral look, but the chair really worked with my all white look and it is super comfy, well made, and exactly what I wanted. The price was high at the time, but I couldn't find anything else close to what I wanted. For a long time it was one of the few pieces of furniture I owned. It was a good choice for me. I still love it. I'm sitting in it now.

However, when I was in their NYC store having my chair order written up and I was looking around I couldn't believe how high price old wood pieces painted white were priced. It totally made me think, "I could do that." And I did. Now armed with a hand sander and a staple gun I'm good to go.

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2/10/09 07:04 PM

Wow, I had it easy compared to some of you. I can't believe people look in other people's windows. Creepy.

Before I moved my upstairs neighbor was a heavy walker in a totally carpeted apartment. I just took to calling her Stampy.

My next door neighbor would leave his trash out for days and raccoons would tear through it and I would have meat bones on my welcome mat and garbage all over which he didn't see (He was/is blind). The complex talked to him and it got better, but didn't totally stop. The worst was our bedrooms shared a wall. He either had night terrors or really knew how to satisfy himself every few weeks. I really think it was night terrors. It had to be. The screaming.

I wore earplugs to bed every single night. Plus took prescribed sleep meds to block out neighbors and drunk people in parking lot who liked to discuss loudly how drunk they were.

I have had experience with an over-attached, nosy neighbor that made my whole block look like they were sneaking around when they were only getting their mail. She moved. We all rejoiced. I've never had it so bad that it would cause me to move. I really feel bad for other people who posted.

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11/20/08 10:06 PM

I do exactly what Stiletto does--turning off gas before removing item from stove or oven AND checking before I leave the house or go to bed if I used it earlier in the day.

I set a timer if I have something on the stove for awhile like homemade soup so I won't forget. It has been more than once that I hear the beep and think, "Oh God, I forgot I'm making soup."

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11/7/08 02:35 PM

I keep all my change in one of those glass decorative dry spaghetti holders with a cork top that comes in a gift set from gourmet shops. I got it as a gift years ago and it seemed wasteful to throw it out after I used all the spaghetti.

I also have a little metal bank I use to keep bills in. This bank is for money that I would have spent, but didn't (wanting Starbucks, but not giving in to the urge etc). It makes me think twice about just picking up little things that I really don't need and it adds up. Then, after a few months of not touching, it's used as fun money.

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10/29/08 07:20 AM

I have a pile (12) of my old oxblood/gold trim leather bound encyclopedias from 1985 as a little side table near a lounge chair in my living room. It only works because it's a low table and every 3rd book is on an angle. Any taller or all stacked the same way looks weird (like someone happened to leave encyclopedias in a pile on the floor) and could end up in a pile very easily. Also, I don't feel the need to look up stuff in them since we now have a little something called the internet. I felt bad throwing them away. Sadly, not a big demand for 23 year old reference materials. However, I do get lots of compliments on it from friends.

The magazine pile however doesn't work in real life. I knocked over a pile of 8 or so magazines at the dentist's the other day just trying to pick up the magazine on top. So, yeah some of us may not be graceful enough for magazines as a side table.

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10/17/08 10:43 AM

I inherited a ceramic carafe shaped like bowling pin from my dad. On the outside is is a man holding a bowling bowl. He looks like he's sneaking around the bowling pin with the ball since he kind of wraps around the carafe. He's not painted on he is two dimensional and sticks out. I sometimes wonder who gave this to my dad and for what reason since to my knowledge he never bowled a day in his life. I like it. It's kind of quirky and like most of my tchotchkes visitors either love it or hate it.

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6/25/08 04:47 PM

After my father died I inherited his house and all his stuff. I had moved back in with him so it was the house I was living in at the time. A year after his death I had a major garage sale. My parents' taste was different from mine. I kept things that I liked and some things I honestly wasn't ready to part with yet. I still have my mother's floral china in a box that I haven't touched since I packed it up.

For me, the few things that I have around the house represent my parents and me. So I think I enjoy them more than if I was living with all of their stuff. I wanted my home to represent me. I'll always have my memories.

I sold 90% of the furniture in the house at that garage sale. It was actually satisfying to sell the pieces to people who were just starting out and needed furniture.

It may have been easier for me since I was raised by parents who believed if you didn't use something or want it anymore then donate it or sell it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inherited Clutter
3/14/08 01:15 PM

I used arpin van lines for my move from NYC to Austin TX for grad school. I then used them again for the move back to NY. Someone came to my place to give me an accurate quote at no cost. They were originally recommended by a friend of a friend who used them to move from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon. Nothing was broken in either move. However make sure you ask any moving company you use if they need to use a shuttle van to pick up stuff in nyc since there are rules about such large moving trucks in the city. Good luck with the move.

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10/16/07 10:29 AM