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IMO, I think any walls you can see from the same vantage point should be part of some coordinated look (or color scheme). So this means you could have two color schemes going on (front of house vs back of house) but there may be an intermediate/transitional room with a color that is shared by both schemes. Anyway that's how we are hoping to do stuff in our house!

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5/11/09 12:45 PM

My work used to reimburse me up to $700 a year for classes. Silly me didn't take advantage of this until the last few years it was offered. I took several classes at Otis: welding (taken twice), glass fusing, jewelery making, and an intro to woodworking. Welding was my favorite and has been the most useful to me. I made a metal screen and an awesome (IMO) coffeetable. The Jewelery class was my second fave of the bunch. I think the best part of taking classes at Otis is having access to their facilities and their lab techs. Even though the welding class hours were on saturday in the morning, I could still go in m-f from 5pm-10pm (if I recall correctly) and use all the equipment. sweet!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT on... Taking An Art Class
1/9/09 07:34 PM

I would love to see recommendations as well. I have done the internet savvy thing and researched this online at some length (although a while back) and it was daunting and I never quite found what I was looking for.

That sculpture is sooo beautiful. I wonder if with the right choice of materials one could achieve something similar with very patient exacto knife work. Would be VERY cost effective...

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11/18/08 12:03 AM

oh wow... I love these. Something about the tranquility of the flower juxtaposed with the explosions. Love the contrast and the flow and surprise. nice. Wouldn't mind a print of one of these.

I make particle-based cg effects (like splashes and explosions) for a living so I guess its no surprise I like these.

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11/6/08 08:59 AM

don't like the stools or the throw... Seems unmotivated. The stool wood looks out of place to me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Eames Footstools
9/8/08 10:59 AM

allergies aside... I want those stairs!!!! love the texture! (;

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9/4/08 12:28 PM

I love colorful houses and quirky self-expression, but if you move to an area where they have those rules in place , then I don't think you really have much room to complain.

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8/28/08 05:00 PM

My wife and I bought a great sleigh bed for our toddler at walmart. It was 1/2 to a 1/3 the cost of comparable sleigh beds we were looking at from other places and I would recommend it to others in a a heartbeat. Anyway... it was our first time really buying furniture from walmart and we were pleasantly surprised. Definitely will not rule it out in the future.

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8/13/08 12:47 PM

eek! It looks like a really bad student project. IMO, not aesthetically pleasing and not so creative. ok idea poor execution.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ICFF 2008: XS Chair by Nick Demarco
5/28/08 10:21 AM

love it!

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2/28/08 03:36 PM

Love the blue and the browns, the chairs and the couch (and I'm a sucker for glass an metal). I agree with the idea others have expressed of some colorful orange (or otherwise) bursts being needed. Very Stylish, but doesn't feel homey to me. I'm still puzzling over the quote, "Decorating the interior of your home should be a mirror-image of how you dress yourself. " It seems like a good philosophy for a single occupant abode, but this is a 3 bedroom ranch house... I'm just wondering about the rest of the folks in the house. It's very stylish, but something doesn't feel so homey about this, like I'm missing the presence of anyone else.

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10/26/07 12:58 PM

I love the planter on the table, but is that really where it always lives? It looks like it would block line of site with others at the table. Who am I to talk though? We eat in our kitchen and our dining room table is home to a sewing machine!

Apartment Therapy - #25- Laurie's Color Addiction
10/19/07 01:46 PM

Beautiful! I love your orange walls and all of your furniture. One thing I'm trying to wrap my head around though... Are pics 2 & 3 of the same couch, coffeetable, and rug? The rug and upholstery seem different.

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10/16/07 09:13 AM