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I like to buy cheap sheets on sale if I like the print/color/price and make drapes out of them.

Apartment Therapy Boston | What Untraditional Fabrics Do You Use?
3/16/09 01:47 PM

I also heard that the West Elm quality was not good for their beds. However, after going to the store and wiggling the beds, I decided it seemed sturdier than Ikea, at very least. As a result, I purchased a bed from West Elm on sale last year, and have been very happy with it (especially as not many other furniture retailers sell cal king sized frames)

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Fire Sale: Beds over 50% Off!
1/9/09 08:53 PM

Don't know that it would necessarily last longer then the cheap IKEA set... all my dishes - cheap or expensive - have a similar lifespan-- it ends when I drop it on the floor or into the sink.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Classic Tableware: Eva Zeisel's Century Collection
11/18/08 04:51 PM

it hurts...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Stylish Home: Cabinet Chic Seattle Magazine: March 2008
10/29/08 11:02 AM

is "apple" the 21st-Century-trend-adjusted term for "avocado"?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 for Under $100: Apple Green in the Bedroom
10/23/08 11:55 AM

Just imagine what you would wear with them, if it were a scarf, shirt, or whatever it is that you like to wear for print and color.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Colors to Coordinate with Curtains?
10/21/08 11:49 AM

8" German chef's knife-- it can do everything... except pare vegetables efficiently

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Linden Knife Rack
10/10/08 12:36 PM

hardshell; for my mac -- on which I never should have installed Norton because I can't get it off and doesn't work, but always asks to be reinstalled and restarted. Don't do this!

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9/26/08 03:08 PM


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9/26/08 03:06 PM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Sanford Burrows Sham SetLos Angeles
9/25/08 12:46 PM

sure, why not?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thursday Giveaway: Ditto Hangers
9/19/08 11:47 AM

nice giveaway

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Tickets to West Coast Green San Francisco
9/11/08 01:14 PM

Strangely enough, price/value usually does have some bearing on vandalism under state laws which usually don't have a specific "vandalism" statute, but laws which prohibit "destruction of property" under a scale according to value of property and defacing of "public property" or whatever else.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Yard Sign Controversy?
9/2/08 07:53 AM

LOL! "Pick and Mix"; eclectic and nonchalant... I knew that about myself, but what I found hilarious was that apparently there is some predictability to the schizo tastes of mine because the "products I would like" look frighteningly like what's already in my house.

Apartment Therapy New York | What's Your Style?: My Deco Style Survey Boston
8/27/08 11:12 AM

Don't be a liar! I hate it when people: list a price (or worse, say "free") in the ad title and then ask for a ludicrous amount of $$$ for the item in the ad body; offer free delivery or delivery for gas costs and then tell you that there is no delivery available at all; or say things like "Eames lounge chair and ottoman" and try to sell some nasty 1960's (non-eames) lounger or claim they bought it at a high end furniture store and try to sell you some Ikea item for what they bought it for.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Craigslist Buying and Selling Etiquette
8/27/08 10:57 AM

Hey, AP, do you or could you remove the spamming comments from the boards (like the one above)? It's a really lame form of cyber mooching and I hate seeing these on the posts.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Eco-friendly Elesgo Flooring Austin
8/25/08 03:36 PM

looks like a simple DIY using a cheap IKEA coat rack and clothespins would be great

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Seletti Underwear Dryer from the Conran Shop
8/22/08 12:15 PM

a quiet coffee house with good food and coffee

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8/22/08 12:13 PM

just a really good vanilla

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz
8/22/08 12:11 PM

Rocky Point to see the water and get away from Phoenix heat

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Colburn Sassaman $100 Gift Certificate
8/21/08 12:30 PM