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Speaking as a dealer myself (with a store right around the corner from LookModern), let me say that it's a dealer's JOB to "get the piece" off craigslist, or wherever, and if that means offering $50 more so that we can have the opportunity to sell it for retail price, so be it. And I've got news for you, Liseah, the owners of Shag & Hawthorne Vintage (Era closed awhile back) would have done the exact same thing given the opportunity.

Here's the thing - you, as a consumer, can play the same exact game that us dealers play. If you see something on craigslist that's obviously way too cheap, and you really want it, go ahead, offer more money. If it really is that great of a piece, you'll still be saving a lot of dough relative to what you'd be paying in a retail shop.

As far as lookmodern goes - yes, they have an incredible inventory of amazing stuff, and yes, their prices are absolutely through the roof, higher than many comparable dealers in LA. For example, the same table that Look mnight be selling for $1500, you could get at Denmark 50 in LA for probably $795. So, if you know exactly what you want and don't mind paying the full stroke to get it, lookmodern will probably have it. However, if your inclination is towards something a little more interesting and unique, you can also check out my inventory at www.janushome.com. Just sayin'.

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12/24/09 05:48 PM