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I had the print custom framed at the wonderful Framed in Vancouver. If you live here, I would highly recommend them. It wasn't cheap (around $300), but considering the print itself was so inexpensive, it was well worth it. That price also included UV glass to protect the inks from fading. I don't know if you can even find pre-made frames at such a large size (this poster is around 40" x 60").

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Close-Up!: Courtenay's Vintage Ortalion Poster
2/20/08 01:34 PM

Thanks, Sea!

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Northwest Finalist #3: Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
11/17/07 11:22 AM

Chris and Mike, you deserve all the praise you're getting! I'm absolutely rooting for you, though I may eventually have to hatch a plan to murder you in order to steal your Raymond Loewy dresser. :)

Apartment Therapy - FC East Finalist #4: ChrisToronto's Winter Antidote
11/15/07 11:09 AM

Thanks for all the comments, yet again! Casandra, you are correct—our bedroom window in image 9 is frosted. We did it ourselves using adhesive film from Ikea because our window faces directly into our neighbours' living room and we didn't want to cover it with blinds. We have another window in the room, so it doesn't get too dark—and it actually lets a rather pretty, ghostly light into the room.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Northwest Finalist #3: Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
11/15/07 10:56 AM

Greenjeans is right. This is hand lettering, not a typeface — which you can clearly tell by examining the alternates of a single character. Every G and S is unique, though obviously from the same hand. And I think this treatment is perfectly appropriate for this application; the whole point is for it to look like it's been scrawled directly on the blind, not typeset by a designer!

Apartment Therapy - THE THING, Issue #1Slinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/14/07 09:13 AM

Thanks again for all the comments and votes! To answer a few more questions: Juliet, we're in one of the last few heritage buildings still standing near Coal Harbour, which means we're lucky enough to have a view of the water and a lot of light (though it's true it can be a bit flat at certain times of the year). eli007, our teak platform bed is a 70s danish piece we purchased from a family friend (I can't remember the make). And stt64, it's very possible that we have the same curtains. I got ours on eBay, but I have seen others since. I think they were originally from Sears! Anyway, let me know if you ever need someone to take them off your hands. . . :)

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
11/5/07 09:51 AM

Oh, and our white and black sofas (plus a black chair that's not visible) are by the Swedish company, Overman. I found the white one on eBay and the other two pieces in townhere, in Vancouve, at separate vintage furniture stores. I'm still thrilled to have found basically a matching set.

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
10/24/07 04:19 PM

I did that piece! I'm flattered—thanks for asking!

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
10/24/07 04:15 PM

Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely comments! Truly appreciated. To answer some of your questions, the teal paint colour in the living room, which was inspired by the dustjacket of a 70s library book, is called Green Sponge (one of my favourite colour names) and the robin's egg blue in the bathroom is Sweet Rhapsody. Both are from Benjamin Moore. The chrome sculpture on the coffee table is actually a crazy, twistable toy called the Tangle, which never fails to entertain guests. It's available in a lot of design stores, as well as here: Any other questions are welcome!

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Courtenay Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours
10/24/07 03:26 PM

I love this. You don't often see early-70s-crochet-burlwood-spaceage-cabinny-modern done well (if at all)! And I'm so tired of painted nature silhouettes, but your reverse tree image works beautifully in that skinny spot at the end of your kitchen. Definitely my favourite bathroom of the bunch, too. So mossy!

Apartment Therapy - #6 - Derek's Earthy Blank Canvas
10/23/07 10:25 PM