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We're so lucky here in San Francisco to have access to fresh, locally grown garlic year round. In addition to being incredibly over packaged, this item is a product of Israel - why would we fly garlic halfway across the world when it's available here?

Why You Should Buy Frozen Garlic
5/25/14 04:42 AM

not to nitpick but the words "cement" and "concrete" are not interchangeable. these items are all concrete. cement is a powder that comes in a bag and is used to make concrete. the cured, hard surface we walk, drive, sit on, etc. is always called concrete.

Cement Furniture Warm & Industrial or Hard & Heavy?
6/14/11 08:13 PM

@joyosity what's your trick for getting it to stay put? we used to have it on the fridge but it wouldn't stay still and knives kept sliding off onto the floor... combined with our no shoes policy it makes for some pretty risky business.

Knife Storage: Five Ways To Store Your Knives Safely | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/22/09 01:17 AM

i post photos of my items on my flickr account and use html to insert the images into the post - when you upload them directly to craigslist they really shrink the images.

i tend to post an ideal price since everyone likes to haggle a bit.

Apartment Therapy DC | Get it Sold on Craigslist How To
9/29/09 05:14 PM

@amandasand they are piazza sofas from cb2. we just bought one in kelp - it's super comfortable, has one long cushion the size of an xlong twin so works well as a sleeper too - much softer than the twilight sofa from dwr.

we have a large low simple iron frame glass coffee table with it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/katherinerobinson/3945350242/

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Low, Light Coffee Tables
9/29/09 03:04 AM

thanks for the lovely comments everyone! we've only been here three months so the encouragement is great as we figure out how to make the most of this huge space.

the colorful patchwork rug is made from samples of tretford carpet that we received from tony's sister who is an interior designer. we made the rug while we were at the old place and you may recognize it from a "flickr finds" post that appeared on apartment therapy in the spring. here's the whole flickr set.

@Ziiip® unfortunately we're renting so we don't have a choice on the kitchen cabinets!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #30: Tony and Katherine's Mission-Inspired Home
10/20/08 08:55 AM

i always prefer taqueria cancun. the decor is amazing.... just sayin'.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Leather Stools at Gordo
10/17/08 11:07 AM

thanks for the comments!

i believe my roommates bought the sushi pillow on http://www.theoriginalsushipillow.com/salmonnigiri.html ... late one less than sober night ...

the samples were rescued from the trash at a good friend's interior design firm... i'd love to get more colors and make more rugs, but no luck so far :(

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Flickr Finds: Katherine's Carpet Sample Rug
5/8/08 09:32 PM