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These are so beautiful, thanks such great pictures. I am just beginning to ache for doing some gardening and this was a refreshing dose of green...

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2/2/08 05:28 AM

yes-- I have the same/similar question. I bought 3 beautiful blue/green bottles but they still have some water in them. ?!? They no longer have any carbonation to squirt it out and they'd look better emptied, I think. How do I open them ? Thanks !!

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12/5/07 04:12 PM

We just got this last week:
And it is really comfy when we added a memory foam (from target) to it. Would have loved the lubi or dwr twilight but couldn't get something that low to the floor for my 81 yr old mom that stays with us. This was an inexpensive option until we are ready to do all the research and invest in a sleeper sofa that we love. The cover comes off and is machine washable. The "laxbro" cover is nice and almost has a herringbone design to it. The others are more like chenille and don't look nearly as good.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Day/Sofa Bed ?
11/29/07 02:30 PM

I am new to this site and simply love it. Have been looking at these sconces for awhile and have been wondering.... would the Nelson cigar lamp work beside a bed in lieu of a lamp on a nightstand? Or is the scale too big? Thoughts? King bed, btw. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - George Nelson's Wall Sconce
11/15/07 11:15 AM

I rarely post but I have the same turtle nightlight/table lamp in my son's room (photo 15) and thought it really cool (and odd!) that there is another somewhere in this excellent pad overseas! Where did she get hers?

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10/15/07 04:26 PM