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holy crap. this is one of the best things i've ever made. THANK YOU!

Recipe: Summer Squash with Baked Eggs
8/21/11 10:33 AM

this is the best spicy bloody mary mix out there. usually i have to spend a lot of time doctoring my bloody mary to get it to the proper spice level - no doctoring required with the mclure's mix.

also, my friends and i had a "pickle martini" experiment one day. we called them "lilypads" because we floated a thinly sliced pickle on the top of the drink. mcclures spicy pickle brine made the best lilypad.

A Bloody Mary, With a Twist of Pickle
10/1/10 03:18 PM

this is my go to appetizer jam - can't freeze it - but you CAN EAT IT!

What Can I Do With All These Cherry Tomatoes?
Good Questions

9/16/10 10:57 AM

get married! that's how we got the dish set pictured in the blog post :)

Starting Small: What To Do If You Can't Afford It Now
8/17/10 09:32 AM

This beer is awesome & so are most of the microbreweries in Michigan! The mitten is a great state for beer! Founders is sold at most michigan retailers that carry a selection of microbrews, it's one of the more well distributed michigan brews.

Beer Review: Founders Dirty Bastard Ale
Beer Sessions

8/3/10 03:50 PM

we have 3 cats, all indoor, but we've been trusting one outside in our fenced in yard from time to time. it's hilarioius. he walks all around the yard, tail twitching, checking everything out - then he picks a spot in the sun and lounges with us. it's great. now he's addicted, anytime we're outside he's pawing at the door.

the other two would love to go outside too, but i'm a bit more worried about them. one is a former barn cat, and i feel like she would run up a tree or something. the other is super high-strung, the slightest noise would probably completely freak him out - so they remain indoors for now.

i'd love to see how people "update" their yard for their cats - this sounds like a great future blog post!

Altering Outdoor Spaces for Indoor Cats | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/11/10 10:50 AM