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Dynamite! Love it!

So, M. Cole... where *do* you sleep?!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #5 - M. Cole's Red Yellow Apartment
4/16/08 12:25 PM

Why?... Because I've just purchased "Apartment Therapy" and it needs a companion! We're ready to clean!

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook#comments
11/8/07 11:49 AM

I agree with shira02144 - it never occured to me or any of my college buddies that paint could make such a difference! Well done!

Apartment Therapy - #39 - Matt's Color Everyday
11/2/07 11:13 AM

Oooh! I vote for the Parson's Desk! awesome!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Modern Looking Desk?
10/24/07 08:04 AM

your kitchen rules!

Apartment Therapy - #30 - Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness
10/23/07 03:10 PM

Hey Carmen! I love your place! Do you have a website containing your artwork? I really love the piece you have above your credenza.

Apartment Therapy - #29- Carmen's Little Pops of Color
10/23/07 02:58 PM

Shawn - would you provide a link to some info on Tom & Jerry? I'm super disturbed by this. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What's the Best Way to Catch a Mouse?
10/18/07 12:54 PM

Well done, Susan!

Apartment Therapy - #8 Susan's Desert Hideaway
10/17/07 08:34 AM

bathroom lighting is gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy - #10 Planetsusanna's Golden Cottage
10/16/07 07:54 AM

I used NorthAmerican this past summer and had a very positive experience with them. Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau ( to make sure any potential companies don't have any huge red flags. Happy moving!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Great Cross Country Moving Company Tip?
10/16/07 07:40 AM