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HAHAH I cant believe the pistol has gotten so much attention! Its actually a Glock, an official police hang gun. The pillows are from Z gallery. Im not sure if they still sell them anymore. Thanks for all the comments!

Apartment Therapy - #37- Robbie's Bright Cave
10/26/07 05:54 AM

For some reason the second blue picture and the last shot showing the green wall look more faded than they really are. They are both very bold colors. The photographer that took the pictures left the shutter open a bit longer on the first green photo...thats why that looks extremely bright.

Apartment Therapy - #37- Robbie's Bright Cave
10/25/07 02:00 PM

Wow, I really love this. The pieces are all set in right place. I absolutely love the text on the wall in the game room. I do wish you had a little more color variety rather than just red black and white (for this competition). Having said that I do think what you have looks great though!

Apartment Therapy - #25- Laurie's Color Addiction
10/19/07 07:37 AM

I really love your style. I think the place looks amazing! Are the carpet squares in the bedroom from FLOR?

Apartment Therapy - #22 - Kathryn & Daniel's Bright Stripes, Big City
10/19/07 05:47 AM

I love the colors. I think you did a very good job in this space.

Apartment Therapy - #23- Lauren's Source of Happiness
10/18/07 09:24 AM