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Who would've thought that S&F would sell defective material to their customers who are paying mega-bucks to keep their company alive?

I purchased the Stearn & Foster Monet (FIRM) mattress this past January, 2007 and I've experienced the sink hole that everyone is talking about in the middle of the mattress. I've tried to rotate it thinking that might solve it's no avail though. I've contacted their customer service (Naperville, IL) and they will be having someone come by within a week. In addition, they were completely hesitant about the procedures that are actually done for a replacement.

It's sad that I sleep better on my daughter's bed...and I bought her mattress from Wicke's Furnture for only a couple hundred's much firmer than mine, which cost me Thousands!!!

Has anyone reported this company to the BBB? This is a complete crime for a company to be raking in millions in sales and not have the obligation to follow thru on their warranty.

We need to take action against this mattreess company and any store who knowingly is selling their products to earn commission and sales! What can we do to have these stores stop selling these defective merchandise and encouraging Stearns & Foster stay in business and not cater to it's paying customers? It's ironic that we have to call "Customer Service" when we aren't receiving any service of any kind!

DO NOT buy any Stearns & Foster Mattresses!!!

Apartment Therapy - Stearns & Foster Mattresses
10/15/07 01:12 PM