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I'm basically with the program, but am with LabCalled in that it's a little too dramatic for my taste. But I imagine it with simple white sheers instead of the print curtains and without the navy valance, and voila, it's a little more peaceful but still new and blue.

Before & After: A Breakfast Nook Gets a Bold Blue Look Under $600 Professional Project
7/27/14 10:34 PM


Charlote's Budget Beauty House Call
7/27/14 01:00 AM

Holy Moses, look at those windows! I would cart away all the furniture and tchotchkes and start over. It could be fabulous.

A Small Parisian Studio Professional Project
7/27/14 12:58 AM

Oh my!

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/20/14 02:12 PM

I really like the concept of adding legs, but these seem to me too tall and too skinny. An interesting redo.

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/19/14 04:59 PM

I agree with MissH that the view of the bed and the sliding door is much better than the view in this post. Also if you go to the blog, you can see that the paneling is much nicer than you might have guessed - smoother.

Before & After: An Eichler Master Gets a Meticulous Makeover
7/16/14 10:42 PM

Aw, nuts. Well I guess you have first dibsies:-) But yes, I love the before bedding too....

Before & After: An Eichler Master Gets a Meticulous Makeover
7/16/14 10:37 PM

I come into the house through the laundry, so I just recently deployed a capacious wastepaper basket right there for the junk mail. Then I go into the kitchen, past a row of hooks, on which I can hang totes & purse (if I'm being organized). The thing with the purse is that you have to take out the cell phone before stashing it. Now, one side of the kitchen has all the appliances, and the other side has cupboards, another counter, and a small low peninsula that I use as a desk, workspace, and breakfast table. The counter on the activity side holds all kinds of stuff, catalogues, mail, crochet projects, books - but that's ok - it's my activity counter. The other side is strictly food prep. Well, except for some plants that really do need a better spot to live. (But plants like to be near the sink where they get their water....) Well, that's my system.

5 Habits For Keeping Clear Countertops
7/16/14 10:31 PM

And then there's bluing. Does anybody use it any more? Back in the day, my mother was a big fan of the stuff - a very big fan, and all my underwear always had a bluish tinge.

How To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine Bleach

7/14/14 12:54 AM

Every way you look, this house is strangely disorienting, in the most interesting way. It's an installation.

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/11/14 03:02 PM

Ha! - ok, I grant you, a cabinet could be awful in an old rental. But this terrible roaches-mildew-bottom-rot-mop-slop landlord would probably manage to screw up a pedestal too.

(Say it a few times in a row: "bottom-rot-mop-slop" - what a wonderful phrase!)

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 11:56 PM

Really nice, and sensible too. It looks like when the tropical storm comes by, you just lower all the giant shutters and the whole house is sealed up into an impregnable wooden cube. If the whole thing is on sleds, I wonder how the plumbing works?

A Little New Zealand Beach House Lives Large Arch Daily
7/10/14 11:48 PM

Yes, I've never understood why anyone would want a pedestal when they could have a nice counter and a cubby and maybe even a couple of drawers. Pedestals don't even save space, really. You could have a cabinet with sliding doors.

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 07:05 PM

Are you really sure the line will show, with all that texture? Before messing around with sanding or solvent, I'd sure try painting the new color over it to test. I'm just worrying that if it were me, I'd probably make things worse....

How To Minimize Appearance of Paint Line Buildup? Good Questions
7/7/14 09:44 PM

Amethyst mirror: could be good or could be awful, depending on quality of materials.

Bottle Stoppers: Not bad, though I don't get the string, and it shouldn't be crooked. And we don't buy things at Hobby Lobby. Unless we're Clarence Thomas, or other similar types.

I liked the slab idea for coasters, though the gold leaf didn't do much for me.

Won't comment on the picture holder-uppers.

5 DIYs to Try: Crystal Projects
7/7/14 09:39 PM

The post said (yesterday) that the answer would be posted "later today". Come on AT, we don't care that much that we'll keep coming back.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique?
7/5/14 10:48 PM

The yarn bowl - yes indeed! I might just buy myself one right now. I'm also taken by the quilt, but a handmade quilt is not a spur of the moment purchase....

Great Handmade Finds from the 50 States: Alabama through Maryland
7/4/14 12:38 PM

Me too, in the second, the "before" is more like a home. (Though I'd take the coverlet from the end of the "after" bed, and a few of the pillows, and put them on the "before" bed.)

Basic Befores and Awesome Afters: 3 Rooms, 3 Total Makeovers
7/4/14 12:21 AM

I also really like the pink bathroom. In some of the detail photos, though, I don't know what I'm looking at exactly.

Christina's Comfortable, Collected Austin Abode House Tour
7/4/14 12:17 AM

Tomato cages have lots of good uses, but they all involve holding up plants. Outdoors.

6 DIY Project Ideas Using Leftover Tomato Cages
6/27/14 09:50 PM