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Simply lovely - j'adore!

Heather's "Mid-Mod" Room
10/23/10 04:37 PM

Two words - kick ass!

Nick, Bryan Otto's Milwaukee StudioStudio Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/2/10 10:55 PM

You can make anything modern by treating individual objects as graphic elements - for example, arrange the glasses in in a grid pattern - three simple, floating shelves stacked vertically on a wall, equally spaced and aligned, with three glasses on each shelf - picture the space between each glass equal to the space between glass and shelf above... or group a grid of small cubes on a wall, and display a single crystal glass on each cube. Just don't think of them as functional objects (although they are, and they can be!), think of them as individual shapes that when grouped together create a pleasing pattern to the eye. And light them well, so they sparkle and catch the eye - use a fun, punchy color as a backdrop to highlight the graphic nature of the display and voila! - cool and modern! Have fun with it, and you will surprise yourself.

Displaying Heirloom Crystal in a Modern Home? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
3/16/10 10:09 PM

Thank you, Tatyana! Interior designers are professionals, not fashion designer wanna-be's who wish to extend their brand name to another market to make a buck. Creative people are creative people, but I respectfully disagree that this apparently ego-driven endeavor is just another creative person widening their sphere of influence. It's akin to some silly celebrity deciding to design clothes because they wear clothes... are they trained in pattern-making and fabrication, do they understand all of the different properties of natural and man-made fabrics, the appropriateness of one textile over another, the history of clothing and fashion design, etc., etc. Interior design is not just shopping for pretty furniture and pretty pillows to make pretty spaces - it is a thoughtful, detailed, informed process with a million decisions along the way that create safe, healthy and yes, beautiful interiors. I guess I am just fed up with everybody who has a creative flair saying they are "interior designers" - I will respect anyone who tells it like it is - hey, I'm a fashion designer that can decorate the heck out of a room, and somebody is willing to pay for my name on their project. Fantastic! There's room for all the creatives out there - just be respectful.

Zac Posen, Interior Designer for Hire? | Apartment Therapy New York
2/11/10 11:42 PM

Wow - I guess I wasted time and money to get an interior design education to be a professional interior designer - if only I had been born to it, then I could have just gifted my talents to those wealthy enough to merit my attention. What a poser! He is NOT an interior designer - he is a pretender at best! To quote Mr. Posen, "Next"...

Zac Posen, Interior Designer for Hire? | Apartment Therapy New York
2/11/10 08:29 PM