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I cannot believe that piece was able to be salvaged let alone look as amazing as it does in the after photo! Great job :)

Before & After: A Marvelous Mid-Century Modern Make-Under
7/26/14 11:17 AM

I love them, too! Such character! The blue house at the top is just gorgeous!

Spite Houses Are Exactly What They Sound Like
7/25/14 06:27 PM

I thought it was a pregnancy test, too! LOL

LOVE the redo, paneling should have been illegal.

Before & After: A Dark Eat-in Kitchen Gets Brightened!
7/19/14 08:29 PM

Cute place! And I'm drooling over those books!!!

Meleah's Colorful Pre-War Apartment Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 11:11 AM

Obviously I am outnumbered, but that pillow is just trashy. What I really didn't like was having that picture pop up, from Apartment Therapy, as the first picture of this tour on my Facebook page. I have yet to see a classy person use the 'F' word :)

Disha's Tiny Haven Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 11:51 AM

Fun stuff here!! OMG...the mouse door?? Made my day!

WORK Lab's Vintage Eclectic Workspace Workspace Tour
5/14/14 08:28 AM

A bold color for the front door would be amazing. Very charming house!

Exterior Color Ideas For My Brick Home? Good Questions
5/6/14 10:22 AM

Calm down, rmbnn, geez ;)

Adam and Ashley's Modern Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/10/14 11:24 AM

I may try the cat grass for my 2 cats. I have never had an issue with them using the plants as a litter box (yikes!), but anytime I have ever brought a plant into my home, it has become a snackin' delight :/ Herbs, plants, even Aloe once. Thanks for the advice :)

Adam and Ashley's Modern Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/9/14 06:39 PM

He must not have cats ;)

The plants are so nice looking, it makes my black thumb jealous!!

Adam's Modern, Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/9/14 05:07 PM

I LOVE color and all of these are perfect! I especially love the orange, the two tones really add a lot of interest (and that floor!! Love it!)

Cure Color Shyness: 14 Real-life Fearless Paint Colors to Push Your Style
3/2/14 11:54 AM

Beyond Awesome!! Your house is amazing! LOVE it and can't stop drooling over the colors :)

Bree & Andy's DC Home Hits the Bright Spot House Tour
2/25/14 09:02 PM

OMG..LOVE the chandeliers, simply amazing! It is a bit too much for my style (but..hey, I don't live there!!), but it was a fascinating house tour! I can only imagine people that stop over, they must linger around forever just taking in all of the cool things!

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/27/13 07:36 PM

Wow! I remember when "dorm" meant a bad thing! NICE!!!!

Laken's Dorm Room Redo: Style Inspiration
8/26/13 04:49 PM

Ditto. I have been checking back regularly to see the big reveal of the 300sqft Manhattan apartment! PLEASE update!!!!

Planning Pays Off: The Big Move Design Diary
8/17/13 05:22 PM

What a gem!!!!

Sofia’s DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
7/20/13 12:30 PM

I am drooling. Love does not even start to describe my feeling for your place. Perfection to me!!! I found myself hitting the "back" button while flipping through the pictures because I wanted to see every single detail!

Rachel & Brett's \"Resourcefully Chic\" Family Home House Tour
7/2/13 08:33 PM

Perfection. The "Brooklyn Toile" wallpaper is amazing to say the least! It has silenced the "all wallpaper is evil" voice in my head :)

Beastie Boy Mike D's Brooklyn Townhouse The New York Times
6/14/13 09:25 PM

That (kitchen/dining) table...OMG, I will spend the rest of my life searching for a table of that grandeur. Thanks for the challenge! Your space is awesome!

Kate & Chad's Art-Filled Dwelling House Tour
5/27/13 02:09 PM

I am pretty sure the only other place that picture of a buck would work is an old, damp, dingy, 1960's wood-paneling basement!! Ha! It works well in this space, oddly enough! Very unique is really the only word that fits here (and unique is a GOOD thing).

Malcolm's \"Fit for a Gentleman\" Room Kids Room Tour
11/30/12 12:45 PM