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Our youngest (nearly 4) has a severe peanut allergy (PA) so we are just starting to encounter issues when attending parties. We are lucky to have a nut free bakery in Calgary, AB, Canada (BLISS) and our current strategy is taking our PA child the day before to pick out one cupcake. So far it's working and then he just brings it along and everytime the birthday hosts have been wonderfully understanding. If and when we move from Calgary I've noted that Amazon sells Cup-a-Cake cupcake holders, and I think that we would make a cupcake @ home then our PA child can bring that along to the party. Unfortunately chocolate and baked goods are the #1 sneaky way that PA children are exposed, it's just the nature of the prep. environment and the issue of cross contamination. As a parent I want to make it as easy as possible for the host and make sure, despite the allergy, that our child keeps getting invited. I used to think that peanut allergy was crazy (this was years ago before I became a parent) so perhaps this is some sort of karma lesson. Either way I am thankful for today's understanding parents, 20 or 30 years ago there was far less understanding of the life threatening nature of food allergies. Until there is a cure we will happily take cupcakes along to parties!

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4/26/11 06:47 PM

If nuts were the last food on earth, then I'd understand the parents position. But to make the (adult?) decision to not invite a child because you want to serve a food that couldn't be served in today's schools is selfish. It also sends the wrong message to your own children to put their needs in front of others feelings. Hate to be so judgmental but it's hard not to his in this situation. Also 50 years ago there weren't the options there are today, nut free, gluten free is everywhere, one visit to the local market (or internet) could have solved this dilemma. And how would those parents have felt if someone in town had a party and invited all the kids minus their kid? When adults forget they are the adults is when things like this happen.

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10/15/10 07:19 PM

We love these! They were invented by a man in Calgary (see link) we gave them as a Santa gift last December - they provide endless creative options and our little ones love them :

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8/19/10 04:58 PM

We lived in Anchorage for 3 years, when we moved there our only baby was 10 months, when we left we had 2 little ones, 4 years and 16 months. We flew many long haul flights (at least they seemed long haul at 6 + hrs with 1-2 little ones) from AK to MSP. I can promise you that the more planning you use, the more options you have, the saner will be. Plan, plan, plan and all will be well. If baby decides to be a baby, which is a baby's right, then know you won't be the first to be on that flight with a little one who decides long flights aren't fun. I would rec'd, esp with an 11month old, to bring touchy feely books, toys that if thrown cannot hurt the person in front of you, 4 cans of those Gerber Puffs would be amazing. We would feed our little ones those, even tho' in real life they never had them, for the entire flight. The best part of those puffs is that they have zero calories which means baby/toddler can't get full, but doesn't know it ;-) Think new stuff also, don't break the bank... you can even just put some soft toys away now and then when the flight arrives they will be good as new. Stacks of soft toys will help! Soft books and board books are also helpful.
If you are still breastfeeding then by all means do that, if baby obliges, during take off and landing as it helps with pressure changes.
Also we were always against early media at that age but honestly, on a flight like that or longer all bets are off... I would crack out some baby einstein, it won't ruin the little one but might just distract them in a moment of need. The baby einstein videos might be an issue in real life, but real life isn't 30,000 feet... at that point you just want to keep it going until landing. The best part? When you land, your baby gets to experience Alaska! What kid doesn't want to look back, years later, and see a picture of themselves in Alaska? Ours are priceless and while the flight is long it is not forever (tho' at times it will seem that way), it will end, and the result will be a great vacation. BTW, if you are in Anchorage check out Moose's Tooth Pizza = great pizza, amazing beer and very baby friendly.
Bon Voyage!

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8/5/10 11:04 PM

I see one thing 80's... at least on my computer screen it looks like the wicker, possibly spray painted red/salmon/pinkish sticks, maybe in a vase? Tall and from the viewer's angle between the tall lamp & framed poster-- I remember this in my room, definitely during the 80's (& supplied by my parents...) the wicker sticks collected an obscene amount of dust & dander. Looking back this definitely accounts for my hatred of all things wicker.

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2/5/10 03:11 PM