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Patrick (the other one):

We are called to hate the sin but love the sinner. Just becuase something has become accceptable in society doesn't mean it is acceptable to God. We are supposed to correct one another in the spirit of love and compassion, however we do no one a favor by allowing them to continue unaware with behavior that is destructive to the soul. Reminding each other that we will all have to explain our actions to God on judgement day is an act of love. If we find our fellow human beings trapped in any sin, not just homosexuality, we are doing the loving thing to warn them.

Now, could we please return the focus to interior design?

#16: Brian & Luke's Post-War Paradise
5/7/07 08:46 AM

Where did you get the round storage (?) towers in the bedroom? They're cool.

#25 Keith's home-Suite-Home
5/3/07 12:44 PM

The colors are fabulous. I love your dining chairs.

#36 - Meg's Everything In One
5/3/07 08:44 AM

Hed Kandi, I'm with you on the sentiment, but opening that can of worms is probably not a good idea in this crowd. It is supposed to be about the design, which by the way is appreciated by heterosexuals too.

#16: Brian & Luke's Post-War Paradise
5/2/07 11:28 AM

More color would be nice. Those benches make me nervous; they don't look sturdy. You can't beat the view though.

#22: Lisa and Dan's Bright and Burnished Digs
4/30/07 08:48 AM

Fun, fun, fun. Great use of color. Love the walls, that delightful wicker chair, the swag lamp, the furniture, the cat. Jealous of the plants. I can never get areca palms to stay alive.

#17 PB's Maximized Space
4/30/07 08:42 AM

Light and airy; looks like a pleasant space to be in. Love the mid-century details, especially the windows. The furniture is just right for this architectural era. I don't care for the backsplash tiles in the kitchen, but that's because I have this thing about the color gray.

#16 Philip's Mid-Century Mini
4/30/07 08:36 AM

The vintage kitchen cabinets are awesome. The dining area looks cozy.

#15 - Ginger's Vibrant Family Home
4/30/07 08:30 AM

The bedroom is very nice. I don't care for the floor tile in the main living area, but good effort overall.

#14 - Olya and Tim's Victorian Basement
4/30/07 08:27 AM

Stunningly classy. It's just incredible!

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/30/07 08:23 AM

Awesome! I love a place furnished in thrift store finds. The breakfast room chairs are cool. I'm very jealous of the jukebox.

#14 Jeramy's Thrifty Digs
4/27/07 08:57 AM

Your green wall is yummy. Love the zebra on the floor. Real? The floorplan shows you have an odd configuration of space to work with. Good job.

#29 - Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 08:53 AM

Not terribly dramatic, but looks cozy. There are several nice touches: the magazine storage, the curtain in the kitchen doorway, and the recyled elements. I like that you not only rescue usable cast off items but rework them into new things (like the coffee table). That shows real imagination. More stuff would stay out of landfills if everyone had an eye for that kind of potential.

#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad
4/27/07 08:41 AM

The kitchen is so awesome. You've almost recreated a photo out of a 1950s design magazine. Awesome. I like the lamp in the living room and the art over the bed too.

#15 Mike's Soothing Mix
4/27/07 08:31 AM

Freakin' cool! Love the colors.

#22 - 42anderson's Love, Eat, Party
4/26/07 12:00 PM

Fun, bright and eclectic. Love the storage shelves. Love the way you've brought a mix of elements together. The desk is great.

#12 Manuel's Houston Cottage
4/26/07 11:24 AM

Ooh, nice wood on the cabinets. I like that brick elements are integrated into the design. I assume that's an old chimney in the kitchen with a covered hole that used to accomodate the pipe of a wood-burning stove? Old buildings are cool. Love the glass block in the bathroom. Great use of a long narrow space.

#13 - Andy K's Unexpected Garden Apartment
4/26/07 11:20 AM

I think your futon looks OK. I originally had a regular full bed but it took up half the space, so I recently got a Klik-Klak sleeper sofa. Not as comfortable, but good enough (I like a firm mattress). When put up as a sofa it looks really sweet. It's a great solution for a tiny place.

#27 - Bryan's 3 F's
4/26/07 11:13 AM

So elegant! I love those drapes! The the wall colors are great too. The bathroom is modern and inviting. I like that the cooking area is so compact and efficient. In my 225 sq ft rental they've tried to jam a whole kitchen into one corner: doesn't work well. Yours makes much more sense. Great use of a small space!

#27 - Bryan's 3 F's
4/26/07 11:05 AM

A bit dark and uninviting. The kitchen is nice though.

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/26/07 09:02 AM