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I haven't had these, but I have had candy coated fennel seeds at my local India grocery store... delicious!

You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Easter Candy
4/15/14 12:39 PM

My oldest slept in a closet in our 1 BR apartment when he was little... it also had no door. I don't think ventilation is an issue in a room with no door, and I don't know a kid who wouldn't want a small space to sleep in. I might not leave all the clothes on poles in the closet, opting instead for dressers and a real bed with under the bed storage. I like the idea of an LED on-off lamp that @Sherrybinnh suggested. And @Minnasaur it is WAY safer to have your kid sleeping in an alcove in your bedroom than off down the hall somewhere if there was a fire. I have never ever let my little ones sleep far from me until they could talk and walk. So scary and dangerous. My oldest had his own room when he was 2, and someone broke into our house while he and I were home alone THROUGH his bedroom window. He didn't sleep alone again until his sister was born and we'd moved to rural Vermont. My youngest 2 (of 4) just began sleeping in their own rooms.

Is it OK for Kids to Sleep in the Closet?
3/29/12 03:46 PM

This might make everything all better in our bed. Except for the millions of children who climb in, too. A stack of extras next to the bed?

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
3/29/12 11:41 AM

OOo! OOO! That first honeyed one looks JUST like one I grew up with... and this is in my kitchen now as a sideboard and extra table. I love it! Never thought about putting it in the bedroom.... what a great idea!

Drop-Leaf Tables: Beautiful Space-Savers
3/28/12 09:15 AM

Last year, we painted a bedroom in our house pink for my then 4 and 9 year old daughters. I vetoed "barbie" pink in favor of a more warm, dusty rose color that I could stand when the sun shone in! Then, a few months into the new room, we realized the girls were at a stage when their age range made it hard to live together. Trying to decide what to do, we eventually settled on moving my youngest, then age 1, into the room with the 4 year old. Now 2 1/2 and with a 5 year old sister in there... the room is like an old fashioned "nursery"... bright, sunny, and gorgeous for both genders. Trucks and kitchen toys and dolls and blocks and books keep the room pretty gender neutral, and we're never feeling like we stereotype one over the other by having to choose whose room to put a toy in. We love it! And my 10 year old daughter loves her bright orange room... originally decorated so by my 14 year old son, who now lives in a tiny, but sophisticated, grey room. As an aside, as a preK teacher for nearly 20 years, almost all boys love pink when they are little... just as much as they love wearing skirts and driving trucks and making shooting noises and guns out of Legos that they will tell you are firehoses. Tis just the manner of of early childhood.

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
Good Questions

3/22/12 01:58 PM

I love IKEA usually. But this did curb my desire to go to my in-laws just to go to IKEA. Guess I'll have to go to hang out with them... :)

IKEA PS 2012: A Look at What's to Come from the Swedish Home Retailer
3/19/12 08:29 PM

@emmi : The blue/green eggs were from Auracauna/Americauna hens. For the years when I was lazy (baby # being 5 m onths old, for instance) I used dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, blue and green eggs... there is a HUGE range in natural colors of eggs, and if you add ducks and geese, you get even more interesting sizes and colors. Cayuga ducks, for example, have grey-blue eggs. If you can get eggs locally from a farmer you can get all sorts of colors naturally. @wolfandfinch Brown eggs are just as easy to dye. It's true they look nicest with darker colors, but are beautiful all the same. Rub a little oil on after they are dry from dying and they will have a gorgeous deep lustre.

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs
3/14/12 05:39 PM

I think there is confusion between "pretty" "feminine" and "pink". I like grandma's linens! But these examples are not what I consider feminine or pretty.

"The New Prettiness": The Resurgence of Traditional Femininity in Decor
2/23/12 03:28 PM

I'm with Texdoll...those red chairs! But overall... amazing!

Before & After: Family Room from Dark to Light
2/15/12 03:49 PM

Homemade blue cheese dressing for dipping veggies (and tart apples!) in. Hummus, frozen veggies or veggie burgers, cherry tomatoes, and dried fruit... esp. mango. Frozen berries and plain yogurt... we get a smoothie a day 'round here... which is a great way to throw some greens in when they aren't looking. Usually, I throw in some cocoa and vanilla if it is too "greeny" and they never notice... not even my more discerning big kids (10 and 14)... while the 2 and 5 yo chug a lug as long as it is cold and I call it a smoothie.

My Pantry Essentials: 5 Staples for Feeding a Toddler
2/14/12 11:22 AM

Um, am I the only person in the world who would EAT them before they could regrow?? :) Seriously!!

And for people looking for "recipes" for them... chop 'em, and sprinkle them on.... EVERYTHING. Pizza. Toast. Goat Cheese. Salad. Pasta. Steak. Chicken breast. Rice. Tofu. Seitan. Veggies of all kinds. Cheeses of all kinds. Soup.... especially Pho. Seriously, eat them on everything. They taste better than "big" onions (because, you can grow specifically a breed that is 'green onion', or you can start onions from seed and do this, too).

Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill
2/8/12 05:37 PM

I was thinking it looked like the cobalt my mother had when I was growing up. Gorgeous! (And made me sad yet again that an ex of mine made off with my mom's whole set... that she'd given me for my first apartment).

New Le Creuset Color for Sur La Table: Indigo
2/7/12 03:34 PM

I LOVE high gloss paint! I live in a little valley and the glossy walls make the house seem so much brighter!

A Shining Example of Glam: High Gloss Interior Walls
2/7/12 03:29 PM

A dream home in our price range and local area is what we got... it mean more than 3 bedreooms (there are 6 of us), some land (10 acres, of which about 3 are usable), and it didn't literally have a stream/river running through the basement. One house we looked at literally had a stone "well" in the wall in the basement, out of which flowed a full stream. Oh, and lotsa homeless cats hanging out. In the end, we ended up with a cape farmhouse rehabbed and not touched since the 60s, an actually dry basement (with cement block walls, even!) and a porch, which we have since turned into another room. Light would have been great, but we are in a tiny valley, and the sun goes behind the hill at about 3:40 in the winter. We do intend to end up off grid, however, as that seems to be the best way to go green.

What Americans Want Most in a Home
2/6/12 06:03 PM

We have a Bart Simpson phone... in my 14 yo 's room. We roll retro 'round here. (Can't go tech savvy... no cell phone service... my iphone gently weeps).

Roundup: Ten Coolest and Weirdest Corded Phones
2/5/12 05:43 PM

Thrift stores! We are replacing all our cordless phones and re-wiring our house with phone jacks in every room. Mostly because the DECT phones seem to be untested health risks. We found when we looked at wifi, cell phones, cordless sets with remote bases, and microwaves (which we don't have)... the worst offender was a cordless. Since I take care of kids... out the window with the cordless, in with the corded. We even have one with a rotary... but it was only 8 bucks and has better sound than any of the newer corded phones. For a business, try state surplus places where they sell off all old state office equipment.

Stylish Corded Telephone?
Good Questions

2/5/12 04:54 PM

My living room is all vintage velvet, and people always say how much they love it. Go for it! (Clearly, I am biased!) And as for the "masculine touch" ... my hubby loves it. Says it feels like a lounge. We save masculine for the office space. (Which I love).

How Much Velvet Is Too Much?
Good Questions

2/3/12 12:57 PM

Hee heeeheee. Just reading these responses has me giggling. Coming from VT, Particleman, some of the best "finds" are found in piles in people's yards! And tain't no Anthropologie, or anything else, anywhere near by.... sooooo yeah, DIY everything. Usually it looks better than this, by far! You know those nice, "restoration" enameled light fixtures everyone likes in their kitchens? Up here, we call 'em "heat lamps" and use them for baby chickens, ducks, turkeys, lambs, piglets, and struggling baby plants for the veggie garden. Lightbulbs on a string? We call that "barn lighting".... or the unfinished kid's room. ;-D

Designer or DIY?: Jeff Jones' Tobacco Stick Chandelier
2/1/12 02:33 PM

Definitely prefer the before, but good find!

Before & After: Thrift Store Reject To Tufted Treasure
Little Green Notebook

2/1/12 02:27 PM

PS: great settings for rug or hardwood floor!!

Reader Roundup: The Best Vacuum?
1/23/12 11:08 AM