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FYI- those dressers are real mother of pearl and bone inlay. They probably cost upwards of over $25,000 each. The trendiness of what you sarcastically pointed out is where you admittedly shop at your local Pier 1 watered down by mimicking paint techniques on top of particle board furniture to look like these antiques/originals. The mother of pearl and bone inlay trend has been mounting for the past decade and is now in the mainstream. Maybe you want to consider exposing yourself as a "mass market" uniformed, consumer before trying to critique someone's choices.

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/2/14 12:38 PM

Danny, when are you going on vacay and more importantly, when can I move in? Come back to NYC and let's trade places for a week:). Unbelievable and utterly amazing. I have to give a nod to the stairs. I love the way the loft opens and defines the more intimate spaces with the stairs and what you did as extensions of them. Where did you find those doors????

Daniel's Eclectic Industrial Loft House Tour
4/17/12 03:59 PM

That sconce/articulating/sliding lamp which also looks like a plug in next to the bed in #5 is amazing. Anyone know where to get one or one like it?

Add Some Dark Drama to the Bedroom
3/30/12 10:24 PM

Over fireplace: A painting that you love! Make sure you get a picture light over it to direct light down and wash over it to show it off. Then add sparse accessories, crystal, silver or glass on the mantel. Both sides of fireplace: custom inset mirrors floor to ceiling. This will create even more height and bounce light all over the room. It may even visually expand the room. Or if you can find two matching thin ornate mirrors that cover 3/4 of the length of those sides (not sure what width you are working with there) in those spaces it would be stunning. Add the two tables and different lamps on them. Love the bench idea too possibly in a contrasting color?

Hang a Mirror over This Fireplace?
Good Questions

12/10/11 06:48 PM

I love space planning! And living in NYC you have to think like the city..vertically. There are some great archives on this site about beds in nooks. Create a "nook" in that window space. I would definitely put the bed (horizontally) against those windows and build up around it with bookcases from Ikea, Craigslist or try...Nadeau (on E. 11th). It will look like a day bed and then you can just drape (from the ceiling) a couple of long panels of creamy linen to off-set the "sleeping zone". Or try Tord Boontje day curtains at MOMA or Ebay. By placing the bed horizontally it will look like a daybed, but the bookcases will help with storage and serve as a nightstand etc... I would also flank it with a cool, plug in ceiling pendant/chandelier.

Now, for the live/dine, a love seat or settee would be great against or kind of angled against the bathroom wall. On the opposite wall what ever bookcases you choose for the bedroom area should continue but in a lower fashion with a TV mounted on that wall. Your floor to ceiling draperies would be your separation of the two spaces but versatile enough to allow you to use your bed for extra seating if you wanted and the space to feel cohesive. A coffee table that extends up into a dining table would be where I'd spend the money. This will be great for entertaining and lead. Then you can have two acent chairs opposite it towards the kitchen area. Something industrial or glass would be nice. It can also be on casters for extra work space in the kitchen.

In the closet, same thing. Create a nook and build up, up, up. If you dont' need the whole area to hang clothes. Hang them on each side leaving space in the middle. There, you can put a desk and create an office. Store everything in that space. Hope it helps. Take pics and share when you are done!

How To Arrange Furniture In Studio Apartment?
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3/18/11 01:34 PM