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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

To answer a few questions:

The paints were all purchased at Lowe's, but I have no idea which line each color came from & didn't save the chips! I do remember the names. The green in the living room is Organic Garden, the library is Oatlands Violet, the blue in the kitchen is Rainwater, and the white on the trim is Brilliant White - as in, the can off the shelf, not a drop of tint added. Yes, really :)

The picture wave on the wall was pretty simple, but it did take a few tries - that wall is covered in tiny holes! I sketched the top line of the wave directly onto the wall in pencil and started arranging the frames - the back sides have a big enough ridge that I could hang them with a nail under each upper corner.

And we live in Edgewood - just east of downtown Atlanta.

Apartment Therapy - #17 - Erin's Colorful Haven
10/13/07 08:11 AM