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So I read through the comments ... here are my thoughts ...

I think opening the window will do wonders to the room. I think that you can caddy corner the blue chair and make a bit of a "reading nook" ... as one suggestion. If space doesn't allow for that, though, I think I'd still maybe try to open the window.

I agree experimenting w/color can be a lot. I think the PB curtains (Audrey drape) are nice for your space, but they seem like they don't quite fit in w/your current design.

I think the pictures you have on the wall now fit w/the current look of the room. It sounds like you want to "spice it up" a bit. Add some pop. I think changing them out for a more bold picture will give you what you're looking for.
This picture from overstock is relatively neutral, but b/c it is metal art I think it would add more visual interest than just a picture.

As far as curtains - you could do a valence w/ a bold color instead of panels and then have wooden blinds ...I think panels would look nice. But my thought w/the valence is that it would be a smaller piece of fabric and may make you feel more comfortable w/a bold choice.

Curtains or Fabric to Add Something New to Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/9/10 11:34 AM

I have been troubleshooting this same problem. I have searched hi and low -- I think I finally found the PERFECT solution -- if anyone else has ever used this table - I'd love to hear reviews. it looks almost too good to be true -- beautiful and convertible!


We haven't bought it yet but plan to in the near future -- the price just can't be beat and the size, flexibility, and color is PERFECT for our house. The folding chairs look like nicer ones, too.

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5/18/10 09:12 AM

I love your place -- I see you have a shag rug - I am thinking of getting one. My only hesitation is cleaning it and the shedding factor ... any words of wisdom?

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1/3/10 10:45 AM

I just love this house -- I think I may have looked @ this place 12 times in December! I think it looks so personal -- I would never know the family living there is renting. Great job!

Laurel Conor's Silver Spring Family House House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
1/3/10 10:18 AM

I love the idea ... I keep saying I want to make this corner of my family room a "cozy reading nook". I love to see what other people do to accomplish this. The chair in the picture above doesn't scream - come curl up in me, but it looks good in that space. Overall, great design, but I'd want something more cozy if I was going to truly use it as a reading nook.

Strategic Color: Orange Reading Nook Sunset Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/1/10 03:17 PM

I really love your place. As all the other posters said, very calm and soothing! The dining room is my favorite -- I love how all the rooms go together. My one criticism is I'm not sure the yellow goes with the rest of the house ... but it looks good in the bedroom. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rest. Can I buy your house when you move? ;-)

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12/24/09 07:05 PM

I love this -- I will be using sofa cushions to make a dog a bed ... he's a big 95lb lab/mastiff mix ... so I don't think bed pillows will do the trick (ha!) ... but it should be pretty inexpensive!!

Day bed -- beautiful! I don't really understand how you did it, but the end result was gorgeous ... any more info on how you did it?? I'd love more detailed directions!

How To: Make "Fold, Stitch Stuff" Floor Cushions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/22/09 02:53 PM

ok ... I think I'm doing something wrong ... I'm new to silver leafing ... I think a flat surface would probably of been a better 1st try with this material, but I just love the way your final product looks!!! This is taking me many more than 4 hours, though ... it is so hard to wrap around the dowels ... But it is looking good! Thanks for the idea

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12/21/09 11:10 PM