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Why overthink this?

Coffee mug, lightly sprayed with oil, in the microwave. That's how we do it in my house. Easy and who doesn't own a coffee mug?

How Can I Cook Perfectly Round Egg Whites for Breakfast Sandwiches? Good Questions
3/6/14 11:08 PM

Husband and I are both graphic designers and we both love movies, especially old ones.

We have 3 framed movie posters that I can think of off the top of my head: Metropolis (AMAZING silent film - gorgeously graphic poster) framed out in plexiglass with a 4 inch thick black frame in the dining room - plexi because the poster was non-standard sizing and glass wasn't made that big at the framing store. And then we have Casablanca and North by Northwest in the living room. Both of these posters are composite illustration/photography in a black, white and red color scheme, framed out in glass with ornate black wood frames. All of these movies have a special place in our hearts, but we went to professional framers to get them done so as to avoid the "college dorm" appearance that some posters give off.

They look fabulous, we love them and we get so many comments about how cool they look.

Design Do or Don't? Framed Film Posters
1/31/14 03:40 PM

I got 8 correct! But I'm also a quilt lover, and generally love antique-y stuff... Was wrong on 3 and 5 - could have sworn the plate was antique and was mostly sure that the tin tray was new, but went with antique anyway...

Can You Spot the Antiques?
Early American Edition

7/5/13 01:56 AM

Woot from another West Kentucky gal! :D

Love the redo. I can't imagine why anyone would have chosen the before counters - that was an ugly look! Love the new counters, but the backsplash really speaks to me - pretty and stylish. Great job!

Before & After: Lilly's Laminate to Butcher Block Kitchen Counter Upgrade
2/8/13 11:07 PM

Lovely desk!

There's a product called DampRid that comes in little tubs and even on hangers that you could try. I've seen it in HomeDepot and Lowes and I'm sure it's probably in other big box stores. It works by drawing the moisture out of the air and is use for places like bathrooms and basements, so if you hung one around behind the desk or even stuck a small container in one of the cubbies, it should help reduce the moisture content around it.

The best thing would be to keep the climate in the house low humidity, but in Texas, that is a losing battle even if you kept your A/C running 24/7 (I'm in SE TX, so I know what its like!)

How To Keep Humidity from Ruining Fold-Top Desk? Good Questions
1/24/13 02:01 PM

sharinly has the right idea - I did the same thing in my dorm and one of my first apartments - contact paper is sooo easy to use and cheap and doesn't damage stuff like this and bonus is that it is sort of waterproof (as the top surface is usually a plastic, so you can wipe it down with a damp rag and clean up spills easily.

There are lots of different styles out there and if you get bored with it, just peel it right off!

How To Cover Ugly Tile on Built-In Vanity? Good Questions
12/14/12 11:03 AM

I have a pillow-back sofa now (camel back shape, with one long pillow and two large squares on either side). I will NEVER get one again. Between my husband squishing the middle pillow down to use as an armrest while stretching out on it, and my cats discovering the same pillow works great as a cat bed, the middle pillow is beyond fluffing or punching (seriously - I take that pillow off and beat it to death, and yet the stuffing reverts back to the smushed shape within minutes). It is a heavy stuffing, so I imagine that is one of the issues - feather or light foam wouldn't do this, but the batting/heavy fills will deform over time and defy attempts to re-shape.

If you don't have cats or people that like deforming pillows for comfort, then they would work fine, but the couch back WILL eventually hit the no-return zone and remain in the squashed shape no matter what your efforts... so might want to consider an alternative if this is a possibility.

Pillow Back Sofas: Cozy and Easy to Clean
12/14/12 10:58 AM

I have had great success with grouping ceramic knick knacks found in thrift stores or clearance and then spraypainting them black (usually gloss, but I've tried a few matte as well)

I go for birds, frogs and wire stuff (odd birdcage found one that just looked like a Victorian monstrosity) that will just look creepy with a coating of black - or even white depending. I found a really a couple of cutesy birds on a tree branches (not antiques I swear!) that were pastel colors and hit them with a glossy black, and arranged them with some antique books - instant raven flock that was quite nice. Found an ornamental frog on a rounded column, same thing. Looks great worked in with other Halloween-y touches.

Same thing with picture frames - spraypaint some thrift store finds and group. Any that look even slightly ornate look fabulous black or gloss white and may even be kept around after Halloween (I do now!) I keep an eye out for really lovely old photographs from 1800 to early 1900s, (find these all the time at flea markets for under $10) and love having a group of these with lovely frames. Add a couple of spindly-legged spiders and some ripped cheesecloth as a table topper, and it's quite a spooky display.

Boo! Spooky Vintage for Halloween
10/5/12 04:50 PM

Haven't seen the show, so not sure how cool of a party they had...

I've thrown some pretty fun Halloween parties the last several years, and there's a site I'm a member of that has all sorts of cool ideas, themes, recipes, games and invite ideas, etc.. that all of the members share. Am I allowed to post that here? It's and I'm the same name over there. (sorry if that's against the rules) but if you're in the least into Halloween, you'll find tons of decorating, party and costume ideas there.

My fave themed party was my Surreal Estate theme. I was a zombie surreal estate agent (Myra Mains - say it out loud), the invites were flyers for my Haunted Open House that included a skeleton keychain and key - one of the keys unlocked a hall closet and got a fun door prize (and a little scare when they found what happened to the previous owner. I even made a real estate sign to put out in the yard with the name "Rigor Mortgage" (many ideas borrowed from the great Cali haunt/acting troupe called the Fright Gallery) :D

I've done themes with games that involve non-mandatory participation and decorated the heck out of my house. A couple of years ago, I had a funeral theme with the guests invited to the reading of the will, and beneficiaries decided by random name draw and included a comical last will and testament, with the main beneficiary having to open a (homemade) coffin to claim their prize. Other themes include a Spiderific Party (spider icon scavenger hunt) and Night in a Haunted House.

How To Throw A Halloween Party
Like April & Andy of Parks & Recreation

10/5/12 04:25 PM

That's my coffee table!
Got it new at a big furniture store about 7 years ago and LOVE it. It's got a pretty pie wedge inlay in the center, tiny brass wheels and the drawers hold a surprising amount of junk.

I unfortunately can't remember the name/manufacturer...

Charisse's "Primary Explosion" Room Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 09:46 PM

If it was me and the same color scheme, I'd paint the walls either a very almost not quite yellow (think butter color) or a soft granny smith apple green.

Then I'd get pops of TEAL and LIME and/or a red/orange. A jewel toned teal and purple with lime is also REALLY pretty and would still work with the soft blue on your couch.

I wouldn't paint the bookcase. I like dark wood, tho. I think it would be more interesting to get the books arranged a little neater and display some little knick-knack items that pick up on the colors in the room.

The pictures above the couch... Having three different frames that aren't similar sizing just looks awkward and unbalanced. Either get a whole lot more frames with some pics/art that you love and are COLORFUL and arrange in a grouping - you need some smaller, maybe some round, bigger.... but keep the frames dark/black so it works together.

OR get one larger image, framed out in dark/black thick frame (or no frame if a big canvas or fabric hanging) and move those 3 you've got there now somewhere else. I'd suggest that you get matching frames for all three (it looks like 2 frames are similar, and one different with different matting sizing) and get them rematted to be the same sizing and then group them together.

It seems like there is quite a bit of little stuff throughout the apartment. I'd suggest corralling the bits and pieces that cause visual clutter (not sure how that murphy bed works if you've got shelving built into it - do you have to clean it off every night or is that the side that doesn't fold down?) I'd get a storage end table in place of the plain metal one you've got next to the floor lamp and put some of those books and bits into that (stuff you don't need out ALL the time anyway).

New, Fearless Colors to Complement a Blue Couch? Good Questions
9/7/12 04:27 PM

I've been cable free for over 12 years, and told my husband when we married he was responsible for pricing and setting it up if he just had to have it... and he went a few months deciding that it was not a "must have."

We're not tied to seeing the programs when they're current so we wait for them to show up in netflix, and while we do own one large tv, it's because husband is a movie junkie and wanted a larger screen than a laptop to view his massive collection.

So basically, we watch what's available by antenna for free, have a netflix account that costs us around $20 (and they must hate us, as we go through about 20 dvds a month plus streaming) for everything else. It helps that neither of us like sports, as that's probably one of the big reasons people want cable for.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable
7/27/12 04:34 PM

I came home last night to find that I also got the IKEA catalog on my front porch! They are REALLY getting innovative in their photo staging - I'm loving it! I work right down the street from them, so I have to resist the urge to go there every week.

I don't get IKEA haters... it's easy and stylish and most of the large stuff (if put together correctly) lasts YEARS.

Is anyone else secretly addicted to their little green marzipan chocolate rolls (Punschrullar)? I have to buy two packs a visit now since the husband discovered that he loves them too... he has to hide his from me. ;)

IKEA 2013 Catalog Preview: Stylists' Design Ideas Worth Stealing
7/20/12 12:57 PM

We got engineered hardwood installed throughout our whole house (1100 sq ft) except for the tiny bathroom and kitchen... and we LOVE it.

I don't think ours can be refinished technically as we went with a real handscraped wood (actual human hands doing each board - no machine scraping so no weird repeating pattern to the scraping when you view in a large room) and it has a slight bevel on the edges, so not sure how that would work.

Considering that we don't plan on being in this house for the next 50 years (maybe another 15?) I'm not worried about the refinishing anyway.

It was a glue-down install since we have a slab foundation, and they were done in 2 days, and the glue used acts as a vapor/moisture barrier as well.

I researched the heck out of the brands and we went with a Southern Traditions/Alamo Hickory ( since the finish was guaranteed for 50 years, it's a US company that is environmentally friendly and the floors are really, really beautiful. The finish is also matte instead of gloss, so it doesn't show footprints or smudges hardly at all... but the cat hair is pretty obvious (probably a good thing since it makes me clean more often!)

It's been 1.5 years .. and other than me stupidly dragging a few heavy pieces of furniture across it when we were putting our house back together after they finished the install, (felt pads on EVERYTHING heavy now!!) it has not scratched or dented. No heel marks, no dents from dropping things, no scratches from pets or anything.

What You Need to Know:
Engineered Hardwood Floors 101 Renovation Primer

6/27/12 05:15 PM

My husband and I married on Halloween, and are yard haunters with a full graveyard every year appearing in our front yard.

Our house, at first glance, doesn't look creepy or goth, but we have several items that are Halloween-related in our everyday decor ALWAYS on display. Some small concrete gargoyles line the top of a bookshelf, the large hammered-metal jack o'lantern near the tv console, and my black cat iron doorstop... and yes, we have some resin skulls in a bead glass display... because having some quirky and fun reminders of our favorite time of year makes both of us happy - and having items that mean something to us is just good design as well (no sterile or boring junk just because it "looks good" in our house!)

Displaying Unusual Objects in Your Home
6/25/12 05:44 PM

I'm going to try to explain what I have in my head since I can't find a darn picture!!

If you got a double curtain rod (basically a secondary rod that nests inside the width of the main fancy rod) you could have the main curtain span the entire length of the window and act as a visual headboard defining the bed area on the wall. Then the other curtain, in contrasting color/pattern that you like could be gathered and cinched in the middle and sort of redefine the bed area... sort of like this image, but don't put two cinched curtains, just use one and center it. (and ignore the fabrics used as they are too frilly and fussy):

You can play with the cinched curtain's folds and cinch tightness to get some visual interest and definition and I really think it would be pretty and slick if you found some curtains that you really liked...

Window Coverings for Spot Behind Bed? Good Questions
6/19/12 11:55 AM

I've heard that the orange/red mulch is actually dyed to be that color, and the chemicals used leach into the soil and surrounding areas and can be harmful to pets and kids over the years... haven't done the research, but if that's a concern for anyone, you might look into it if you like a chemical-free landscape.

Me personally, I hate red colored mulch. If I use any, it's the brown/black stuff that is shredded and it's only used when I'm planting new stuff to sort of help keep the weeds down while the plant is getting established.

Why, Oh, Why The Orange Mulch?
6/19/12 11:38 AM

olderworker - SnoBowl!!

When we moved in, our toilets had yellowish/brownish rust stains at and below the waterline. I tried everything suggested, and then lucked onto that toilet cleaner (made by Arm&Hammer). It's got a higher hydrogen chloride level to take out hard water and rust stains - and I've never had anything work as well. I found it in Ace Hardware on the shelf, but it's really difficult to find otherwise... but it is totally worth it. Just leave it on for about 10-15 minutes if the bowl is really stained, and it should come right off with a few swishes of the brush! And it's cheap too...

How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean In 5 Minutes A Day
6/3/12 01:29 AM

Doesn't sound that great to me.

I also feel bad about cut flowers, never seen and don't want to see "The Notebook," I don't like blankets or a hot house, and I'm kind of skeeved out at the idea of sharing "boutique eye cream, unisex cologne, lip exfoliator" with anyone else.

But I like cheese. So there's that. :)

"Girl Heaven": Tom's Apartment On Parks & Recreation
4/30/12 02:51 PM

Oh, and I've had work done from both Home Depot and Lowes, and it's really a hit or miss kind of thing. I'd make sure to ask them who they will be contracting out to, and do the homework on THAT contractor to make sure they're good.
I've had good luck lately with my door and gutters through Lowes - both contractors were rated very highly and did great work.

The World's Ugliest Condo: And Then There Were(n't) Countertops Renovation Diary
4/30/12 02:44 PM