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I can't tell whether it's wall-mounted or not, but if it is it might be the Hungarian Shelves on Instructables which are an inexpensive solution if you're feeling DIY.


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1/26/09 07:53 PM

Edina, I so apologize for besmirching your good name with my 'vicioius' comments and victimizing you with my hideous home. It must be because of my latent insecurity over my ugly apartment and 'dingly' carpet. I guess I've always had a problem coming to terms with the realities of my situation. But this... your comments on this internet message board have changed my whole life. I've seen the light. My whole outlook has changed. Thank you so much!

Leave comments open!

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10/25/07 10:45 AM

I second the desire to have some control over your own comments... People mentioned in the comments on my entry that they'd like to see some less tightly-cropped photos, so I posted a link to a flickr album without realizing that that was against the rules, which was dumb of me, but I couldn't really do anything about it afterwards.

And despite my demonstrated inability to ignore troll bait when coming home kinda drunk on a Friday night and finding someone's left something nasty, I think comments should be left open. Whatever. The "see all comments" feature is pretty helpful in ignoring people who are obviously looking for a fight.

It does make it much easier to deal with nasty comments if unconnected readers respond and acknowledge that the comment was not constructive; I guess just don't be afraid to call meanness out, even if it doesn't affect you?

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10/23/07 09:31 AM

Don't be shocked if someone calls you out with the "C" word (the writing classes at RCCC would tell you that using quotation marks all the time sounds crazy pretentious) if you're behaving like one. If you have criticism that is in any way constructive, I'm open. If you're just being a big old axe wound, I'll take your input with a grain of salt.

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10/15/07 06:45 PM

You're completely right, Edina. I clearly should have followed your example and blown my spare 200 on something more useful, like a night class at Raging Cunt Community College.

Thanks for the feedback!

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10/15/07 12:27 PM

Oops, yes, I'm totally breakin' the law, breakin' the law. Didn't intend to. S'not looking like my place is gonna win anything, though. I'll keep in mind to clean first if I enter next year and take better pictures... god willing, I will have a new couch by then. And I'll have had another year to work on stuff (I started prettying the house up about two months ago).

That kimono is awesome, though. God, I need to get my hands on another set of those sheets.

And I made the book boxes out of drawers I took from a bureau someone had out with the trash. I took off the front bit, spraypainted the sides black and the back colors, screwed them into the wall and bam, bookshelves.

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/14/07 09:02 PM

Hello! This is Emily G, who lives in the above house.

Thanks for all the nice comments! I didn't take pictures of whole rooms because I sort of entered on a whim and the house looks... well, like people live in it and most of the other entries look like they're right out of a catalog.

I did recently clean a bit and if you'd like to see some photos that aren't close-up, I made a flickr album here:


Also: please keep in mind when judging me against all the beautiful perfect catalog houses that I'm 23 and can't even afford IKEA.

ALSO! Very important. The curtains in the living room used to be a fitted sheet belonging to a former housemate, and another former roommate of mine had the same set. Neither can remember where they came from. Anybody know?

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/12/07 01:35 PM