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Ok, am I the only one seeing a mustachioed gentleman in the zebra chair????

Wild Animal Prints: French Provincial, Dining Room Chairs & Mid Century Sofa The Tuesday MORNING Scavenger
10/16/12 09:02 AM

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The first pic of the table... the branch looks to me to be just a fantastic, sculptural piece of driftwood or the like. Could be manzanita, I guess. Certainly one of those perfect "found" pieces that I never seem to find myself! The orange and yellow ruffled blossoms are gloriosa lilies. The rest appears to just be assorted scattered petals. The deep blue ones, I can't get a good enough look to be sure, but I suspect anemones. What a magical place to dine!

Dark Whimsy: The Floral Wonderland of Thierry Boutemy
3/16/12 09:38 AM

Seconding the World Market suggestion! Also, Hobby Lobby has knobs and pulls that are inexpensive and are available on their website.

Cool Knobs for Under $5
4/13/11 07:43 AM

The white flower is Ornithogalum arabicum. At the flower shop I work for, we just call it Arabica (another version of ornithogalum or "star of bethlehem"). They're such long lasting flowers - I've gotten three weeks out of them (removing the faded blossoms at the bottom).

There's always a lot to learn with flowers - so many varieities and it can be tough to remember them year to year, when some are very seasonal and you only see them for a few weeks.

Very pretty arrangement, btw! Keep designing with the "leftovers" - it's NOT nerdy and that's such a great way to learn what works and what your style is as a designer. That's one of the ways I learned (along with designing whenever possible and stalking flower design photos and trying to recreate them). I've been a floral designer for twelve years now, and am still learning and trying out new techniques all the time. Good luck!

Bits & Pieces Bouquet: Dreams of Maine
4/12/11 11:29 AM

I have very similar cabinets and hate them as well (of course!) I really, really like missbrown2you's suggestion!! This could look great, and if you go that route, please share photos!

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

3/23/11 08:31 AM

I came across this post:
via Design Sponge about spray painting leather. This project looks like it came out great and I wonder if you could do the same with the vinyl?
Good Luck!

How To Reupholster & Paint Retro Dining Set?
Good Questions

3/7/11 08:23 AM

I agree that any use of fabric over the fireplace will look odd. You could certainly hang a large piece of art (or two or three or whatever) to cover the mirror and the top half of the brick to help obscure it. A new screen and candles/plants/decorative objects on the ledge will certainly make it much easier to live with the brick left exposed.

However if you REALLY hate the brick, I would create a facade from plywood to cover the whole thing. You'd have to attach it to the wall on the right and the ceiling... it's hard to tell if there is room on the wall to the left to attach the facade due to the blinds, so you might have to get creative there. You could paint the plywood any color and still hang artwork from that. Cut a hole for the actual fireplace, too.

I also really like the suggestion above of using open shelf bookcases right over the brick.

Ideas for Temporary Fixes to Boat Mirrored Fireplace? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
7/19/10 09:33 AM