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My mom lost her second husband last year and I thought to myself. You went from living with Grandma to living with Dad to living with me to living with Jack (her second husband) So a month after his passing, I asked if she was enjoying living by herself. I got a resounding YES!

Flying Solo: The Simplicity of Living Single | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/18/09 08:27 PM

One-he may have not been taught how to clean or how often to change his sheets or towels. His mom or dad may have done all that for him while he was growing up.

Two-Buy him three sets of sheets and three sets of towels incl dish towels and tell that while one is on the bed or in the bathroom, the other is wherever he plans to store them and the third is in the laudry basket.

Don't lecture-Teach.

The Single Life: Finding the Motivation To Clean | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/18/09 08:09 PM