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And this is just another brick in the "I'm hopelessly old and uncool" wall that separates me from the Beautiful People. I find this ridiculous.

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4/4/11 03:47 PM

I wanted a Vulcan, but my insurance agent said no company would touch a home with a real commercial range, not even with my concrete floors, cement siding kitchen walls and vintage 40's metal cabinets. I wound up with a GE Audora without the BTU's I wanted on the propane cook top, and am still dreaming about that Vulcan...

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3/22/10 04:43 PM

You say you don't want to go "historical". I assume you mean Victorian?
Looking at the tile, it gives me a Greco-Roman vibe.
I'd first do away with the mirror over the tub and replace the sink one with a piece that more closely matches the color of the floor.
I'd put a framed print of a Greek ruin or other landscape up over the tub.
I'd put a little shelf over the sink for toothbrushes and a water glass. Thick floor mats in beige with a brown Grecian Key border for in front of the tub and sink/toilet, and a shower curtain with the same design.
A walnut colored wooden chest for storage for towels and bath products could replace the wicker basket. I'm sure Ikea has something that would suffice. Hang the large mirror over it and you have a vanity table, but darken the frame to more closely match the floor tile.
I'd also pull a lighter brown from the floor tile - the pale streak in the floor in front of the toilet for example - for the walls. A faux plaster or textured finish could give it a Roman Villa vibe.

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2/8/10 04:36 PM

I love the idea, but I cringe at sacrificing hardback books like this. I was brought up in a family that holds books to be close to sacred objects to be cared for or donated to a library when no longer wanted, but never trashed or just discarded. So far the only book I've been able to bring myself to re-purpose has been a hardbound _Principals of Actuarial Table Composition_ from the 60's.

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12/18/09 06:00 PM