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What are those lanterns in the sample book?

Apartment Therapy - Blurb BookSmart Software: Publish Your Own Home
10/29/07 05:16 PM

Lovely colors. Lovely home.

The living room chairs and coffee table-- where are they from?

Apartment Therapy - #31 - Peque Papuchi Move Beyond Beige
10/24/07 05:35 AM

Ok. I must be totally misunderstanding the purpose of this color contest run via blog post and voted on by the community of its readers, including LAY readers.

I was unaware it was a high-stakes, international design forum in which well-trained and experienced designers compete for large cash prizes, commissions, notoriety, fame, etc.

My mistake.

Seriously, though...

The amateur submissions to this contest are not intended to be subjected to expert scrutiny. If those were the conditions of the contest, then hardly anyone of the submissions here would have been sent in, since only a handful of the entries come from people schooled in design theory and practice.

Frankly, I could care less whether a submission offends your (Colin or those similarly minded) learned notions of proper design principles. And because you hail from the same region as one of the entries, does not give you any sort of special arbiter status.

As someone trained in the field of design, you surely recognize that your education enables you to make the assessments that you do. Therefore, you are privileged over many of us--enthusiasts, amateurs, consumers--who come to this site to learn a bit about your field of expertise.

It is unbecoming for those with knowledge to mock and belittle and judge harshly those who don't share the privileges knowledge concedes. It's also immature.

Apartment Therapy - #8 Susan's Desert Hideaway
10/12/07 10:45 AM

What a bunch of snobby, snobby, snobby, elitist bastards. Honestly, I don't believe the truly crappy behavior of some of the posters here.

I understand this whole thing is a "contest" and that by submitting images of one's home to this thing one is inviting certain level of judgment. But judgment and critique are not about insult and disrespect. As urban sophisticates, you all should know a lot better.


Apartment Therapy - #8 Susan's Desert Hideaway
10/12/07 06:20 AM