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Yes Sarah, the light source is not in the top. The fiber optics are just carrying the light from a source. We use LED illuminators (the light source), low voltage, they are very cost effective depending on what you need them to do, this one is the simplest, they can be on a color changing wheel, they can even be synced with music...We have been using the same one in our showroom for the past 5 years! Thanks for the post!

Kids Bathrooms With A Built-In Countertop Night Lights | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/9/10 05:22 PM

Thank you for all the points of view. Daniel, or anyone interested, if you would like more pictures feel free to email me

These Countertops Aren't Made From Wood | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/18/09 12:39 PM

Believe it or not it feels like wood. It isn't a faux finish, part of it is in the finish and part of it is in the molding process. Most of the it is integral. You can actually see the interior fluting of the wood pores. Also it is a greener process, there is no waste, we use recycled aggregate that is 100% post consumer waste. Concrete also has thermal mass so for flooring especially with radiant heat, it is a no brainer. Concrete is much more durable than wood and "concrete wood" is a traditional alternative to concrete's usual modern appearance.

As far as a one to one replacement, that isn't the point. We love wood just the same, but we are looking at applications that allow illusion to forgo an absolute unjustified use of the material. For example, using iron butterfly joints to bring in a different appeal in the design, whereas, in the real application it would never work. Further, how about building a sink out of wood plank, or a shower pan, it would be impossible in wood.

Concrete with today's advances and sealer technology, both green and conventional, the need for resealing is a thing of the past. Especially compared to wood and in the bathroom.

We use a GFRC mix which allows for great flex strength and we never have chipping or breakage unless the pieces is seeing some serious abuse. Perfect for exterior wall applications. Hope I addressed some of what was being said, thanks for looking at our work!

These Countertops Aren't Made From Wood | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/18/09 09:09 AM